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Current Plant Dieta

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I’ve been on a dieta for the last 13 days with three different plants. Bobinsana, Marusa and Guayusa.

We go on different plant dietas for different periods of time to be able to go deeper in the medicine. The different plants are healers and help with different ailments and provide different strengths to the person dieting with them.

During the dieta you abstain from salt, oils and sweet fruits though we are allowed to eat bananas (thank god) and apples but nothing else. You’re also not allowed to have sex or to even think about sex. Everything to remove the cushions of your comfort.

This specific dieta with Guayusa also requires me to wake up at 5am going to work and then fasting between 5am and noon.

Just like a yogi practicing standing on one leg for days to endure and to transcend pain in a similar way we diet with plants, yet with much less anguish than the yogi.

Without salt and oils the food start to taste really bland and you start to loose interest in eating. You only eat when hungry. It’s really fascinating how much time and energy goes into eating and thinking about food.

Anyway so, Bobinsana I’ve dieted with a few times, it’s one of my favourite plants. She helps me to ground my field deep into earth and become very very gentle and soft, breezy would be a good word for Bobinsana, like a breezy relaxed summer afternoon full of love.

Marusa helps with our voice to open up our voice to sing and to soften the voice. It actually really works and just in two years my singing voice have become really really beautiful and clear, just by working with plants and continuously clearing my field. Marusa also helps with creativity and expression. Super lovely playful happy plant that I look forward to working with even more.

Guayusa is a highly caffeinated plant that comes from the same plant family as Yerba Mate but contains different compounds that Yerba Mate doesn’t have. This plant helps you with focus and perservance, it helps you to focus your energies. This is the plant that I wanted to work with and then I added the other two on top of it.

All of the 3 plants are also dream plants that help to bridge the worlds.

Next dieta will probably be with the Amarosas which will involve about 14 different love plants. We don’t have all of them right now so that’s why I haven’t started yet. But soon soon I hope. Then I have 3 months dieta and will only be allowed to eat once a day.

Much Love,


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Sonya Solomonovich
Sonya Solomonovich
17 avr. 2019

I hope you're enjoying and getting useful insights from this experience, Kristina. It's funny, I've had similar thoughts recently when I was moving and didn't have access to a full kitchen. It's not easy trying to get somewhat healthy meals when eating out. So much time goes into planning, obtaining food and eating!

I guess it's not intrinsically good or bad. Sometimes the physical need that forces us to go look for food can break the cycle of useless thoughts; other times, we may use food to distract us from dealing with our issues.

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