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How To Use Affirmations To Heal & To Change Your Life For Real

Last year I started using affirmations because I felt stuck and as if I was moving in circles, repeating patterns over and over again when I really wanted change. I'm so glad I did, because when I did I realised that what was keeping me stuck was my thoughts about my circumstances and my life.

When I started affirming to myself that all things are changing quickly for the better, they also did and very quickly so.

I want to give some advice when using affirmations to change your life, the first one is to really understand that you are creating your own life all the time. If you tell yourself that you are a victim to circumstances, then you will also be the victim until you decide that you don't want to dance that dance anymore. That you want to become a conscious creator, because in the end you're always creating your reality so you might as well become conscious over what it is that you're creating. It's extremely empowering and can change everything inside and out.

But you cannot just repeat words and affirmations, you also have to embody the frequency of the words. You have to embody the frequency of the words in the now as if you're already experiencing the reality that you want to create now. So if you want to call forth more abundance, you have to feel the abundance in the now. If you're calling forth more love in your life you already have to feel the love now.

Everything, everything is happening in the now and in the now we can change everything, just like that. The challenge is really the repetition of thoughts that we do all day every day. We think about the same thoughts over and over every day, so we have to become extremely mindful of what it is that we are thinking? And what frequencies does these thoughts hold? Often we repeat thoughts that don't feel especially good but they feel deeply familiar so it's so easy to fall back into old patterns and frequencies.

Yet here's the thing, you hold all frequencies within you. All frequencies from the highest to the lowest and your mind and your feeling self is the gage, the dial in which you tune into the frequencies that you want to experience.

So for example if you have victim consciousness, that everything is happen to you rather than for you, that you always get betrayed and that you can never trust anyone. Guess what, that's the reality that you're calling in. Now many of us, have been born into difficult minds and have had a lot to unlearn. Not just from this lifetime but from our entire soul journey. Therefore there are often very old patterns to unlearn and old energies to release.

Therefore as you start affirming the change that you want to create in the now, frequencies and energies that hold on to the past need to come up and be cleared from your being. That means that in the beginning you may feel deep discomfort and there may be a lot of resistance to affirming the new reality. But you have to hang in there and be firm, you have to feel it all and process the fears and the doubt coming up and then eventually you'll just be in a whole new reality. Just like that.

This is a topic that I've become deeply passionate about as it's so profoundly powerful in combination with energy healing so I will continue sharing more and if you join me for the Immersion Program at some point you'll also find that this has become a big part of the work. Because in the end what I crave both for myself and for others is to create massive positive change. This is how we will change the world and how we will create everlasting peace, it all starts from within.

Much Love,



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