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“Thank you so much for today, I almost can't stop giggling with both relief & delight at how different I feel from the beginning of our time together today to now. I'm so grateful to you & for the work that you do. 🙏🏼”

Becky, Vancouver BC

"I am feeling much much better! Much more like myself and my energy levels are so good! I feel so much clearer....I felt like I was constantly being drained..I do not mean by anyone, I mean for many years now it felt like my life force was constantly being drained.” 
Sofia, Sweden

Immersion Program Testimonial:

"I have worked with Kristina for many years for one- off sessions when I was going through a tough time. She has always been an embodiment of divine healing light and a safe space to completely let go and let yourself feel how you are feeling. I always feel seen and safely held by her presence even before she starts the actual healing session. I had been called to do the immersion program for a few months and finally went for it when my guidance told me it was time. I have worked with many coaches over the last decade on my spiritual journey and each of them have had a significant impact on my journey and contributed to my evolution.


However, the impact of this immersion program with Kristina is second to none. It has changed and impacted me to the core of my being and brought me back home to the truth of who I am. It has released all anxiety I had of having "things" in my life whether it be money, a partner, friendships. It has given me the greatest gift anyone could ask for which is true connection to myself. I know that the manifestations of my desires will follow, but I am happy and proud of who I have become through this program first before any of those things come along. I wouldn't want to be any of the older versions of myself before all the manifestations came because I wouldn't be able to be present with those relationships or my divine partner the way I would be able to with the version of myself who I am now.


In each energy healing session, I felt intense energy in my body and received intense versions or feelings of my future self and energy that was calling me and what life was asking me to become- each session showed me the next path of my evolution and the energy excited me into becoming the next and the next and the next version of myself. It was as if spirit was teaching my body to understand and embody truer versions of me closer to my soul energy and release and erase the versions of myself that trauma had taught me to become.


Because of this, Kristina's healing gifts to me are unlike anything I have experienced in this world. The energy sessions helped me get out of my mind and imagine soul visions beyond anything my brain could create or imagine; it showed me the next level of my destiny, the areas where I was stopping myself from dreaming because I was scared, and helped show me what was truly possible for me.


After each session, Kristina took the time to debrief with me and what was beautiful is that we both experienced and mirrored the guidance and messages we received from spirit about what was next to me to work on and to evolve into. This journey was like a beautiful dance with spirit working with me and Kristina devoted to my healing and expansion helping me feel so loved and supported and like I mattered. I didn't know it was possible to feel the amount of love my body has learned to feel through this program after years of it being void or scared of love.


I am also in deep appreciation of Kristina always taking so much extra time and investment in my healing journey beyond what was expected. Her commitment is to spirit and what is needed for her clients in the moment- to me Kristina is just a complete and unconditional offering of love healing - so rare and precious to find on this Earth. I hope for a world that is bopping with healers like Kristina as she is a true teacher and leader for who I hope to be as a healer in terms of  her heart offering and embodiment of divinity, love and presence that goes beyond her healing gifts. A healer can have many gifts but it is going beyond their ego and delving into their true embodiment of spirit that helps them shine - Kristina is a perfect example of this to the world.


Thank you Kristina for a journey of a lifetime, so much love and grace to you 💓💓💓



"Hi Kristina,

Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to share an update.

I was feeling very relaxed and subdued after the session, but it turns out that that was the calm before the storm a little bit. In the days following the session, there were some strongly felt emotions that came on. Along with a lot of residual energetic sensations, felt like stuff being cleared. I feel like the energy is flowing much stronger since the session. Honestly, I think I am still feeling the effects from the session and will be for a long time. It's a very powerful healing.

It was fascinating, the kriyas that I had during the session, I think they were directly related to the healing work that you were doing. Especially the shaking the hands ultra fast, that was a kriya that happened just during the session. It wasn't the only time I've ever experienced it, but it just happened during the session and then not again after that or in recent meditations. So it was fascinating to me, wondering what it would feel like to be worked on and seeing how it manifested in the session, as different kriyas and energetic sensations, emotions, etc.

Mostly I just want to thank you for the session. It was a blessing to meet with you and work with you after watching your videos over the years.


Many thanks,


"Dear Kristina,

I’d like to give you some feedback on how I experienced your Healing Session. It was kind of exciting to meet you in a life skype-session after watching your videos for a couple of years.

The interview we had, about my intention(s) and other issues concerning the preparation and the explanation of what was going to happen during the healing session were plane and clear. You have a kind and loving presence and your patience during our conversation was more than welcome, because speaking English can sometimes be a little challenging for me. During the session I felt sensations in my body on various places, some very light and energetic, others more physical and with more intensity. It was an extraordinary experience. After the session I felt gratitude and love. I can’t thank you enough for your work and effort in helping me to resolve mental and emotional blockages. I think it is a fascinating phenomenon that (two) people, at a great distance from each other, can connect energetically. What a beautiful mystery!

The next day(s), I was at ease and joyful. I walked through the woods daily and felt happy and connected. I haven’t had headaches since the session. I still do have tensions between my shoulders, but they don’t result in headaches anymore. It really is quite amazing that my headaches are gone, normally I get up with headaches and go to bed with them nearly on daily basis. I hope that this change has a permanent character. J During meditation and also during the day I feel sensations (energy I think) in and around my spine all the way up to my head. I felt them before but now it looks like they are more prominent and there is a spaciousness that accompanies it.

I was not sure what to expect from this healing session, but this experience gave me a new impulse to my daily practice. It also gives me an experience to build on. It helps me to have (more) faith in myself and the interconnectedness of all living beings and the universe as a whole. Thank you and be blessed Kristina!

With love and light"


René, Netherlands

"Aloha Kristina,

I feel So Good today!! I can breathe deeper, I feel clear headed and lighter, the heaviness and stiffness around my head neck shoulders is gone, the pain in my mid back is gone which was with me a long time, and I feel more positive.

Yesterday after our session I was very tired and took it easy. I felt the huge energy work you did while you worked on me. I am So grateful to receive this healing...the best. You are an earth angel with an amazing gift. I Thank you and the Universe for this session.

Love and gratitude"

Amy, Honululu, Hawaii

"I had 2 meditations since the healing. Both I felt energy inside of 5 mins of starting the mediation. *intent for healing answered. Grounding is easy now,. And feel the connection to earth, my feet heat up, feel vibrations all the way down my legs in meditations, which I NEVER in my life felt. *intent for healing answered.


Kristina, for eternity I will not forget what you have done for me, you truly are a walking miracle. I can't thank you enough. You're amazing 🤗 you said you were good at what you do. Not just good. Stupendously amazing. God bless you."

Wayne, Vancouver, BC

Testimonial from a client in India: 

"I came to know about Kristina through her youtube channel. The very first time I saw her video I was pulled to write to her and understand her work. The way she explains and the way she speaks it was like she speaks from her heart. Our interaction began through emails and my first healing session with her was booked. The date came and I was excited and nervous for the session that was due to happen that day. But Kristina with her breeze of sweet temperament and subtle voice made me very comfortable during the session. 

I am from India and here we say that a person's knowledge can be felt by his or her temperament and voice pattern, the more subtle and cool the person is the more knowledgeable he or she is. And Kristina was extremely gentle, one can feel the love and knowledge she has. She really talks to you from her heart and you can feel it. The healing session started and she guided me the how to's and I was comfortable. I could feel the energy pulsating up and down in my body. The experience can't be described into words. It was a magical one that I had never experienced. It was simply WOW.

I am short of words to describe my experience of my session with her. Initially after the session there were many thing going into my life all ups and downs and I was like what is this going. I had discussed it with Kristina and she is an excellent person to guide you, she brilliantly and beautifully explained me the reasons for my sufferings. I followed her guidance after the session and now after 1 month or so I can feel more grounded and much more connected to mother earth. I don't hold up issues as I used to do earlier. Its like deleting old files and getting a fresh you. 

I would recommend every one to go for Kristina's Healing session and take her advice. She is a beautiful and extremely helping & loving soul I have ever met. Please don't take my words just try it and you will be in a state of WOW. 

I wish Kristina all the very best in her life and all the success in her healing facilitation career. 

Many thanks for all the love and hard work


"I want to thank you so much for coming into my life. I was at a very tumultuous time in my life and you allowed me to get through it and I came out the other end stronger than I ever thought possible. You allowed me to let go of all the negative energy in my life and I felt renewed. After our session, I found out some really heartbreaking information about the relationship that I just got out of but thanks to out session I was able to deal with it in such a healthy way. Even though I always knew that I had permission to be shamelessly myself and to do only what makes me happy, I really needed to hear it from you for it to really click. So thank you thank you. I feel lighter, happier and more sure of myself. 

I am sure I will have another session with you sometime in the future. Until then, take care and thank you again.


"Thank you so much, Kristina!

I can't put into words how much our session several weeks back has helped me. I have often thought about writing to you and have been at a loss with how to describe how deeply things have continued to change and transform for me. I hold so much gratitude for how quickly you were willing to see me, the time you spent with me, the work you did, and for the ways you helped show me how to best empower myself within this journey. As you had said, I was already in a process of transformation, but it was feeling so jagged and overwhelming prior to my session with you. Our time helped to connect me with all I have needed to navigate everything more smoothly. Prior to calling you, I had been feeling strongly directed to contact you for a few weeks and I look back on that evening session as a defining moment, a branching point; an opening up to an abundance of connection and support on so many levels. Thank you so much for the depth of healing and care you offer. Yesterday was another powerful day for me (there have been many since we spoke and I am so often in awe and delight) and I am excited for your course in continuing to help guide my personal expansion. 

Thank you so much. 

With much love and gratitude,

Becky, Vancouver"


“I met Kristina while I was at a retreat in Peru, within the first conversation with her I knew that she was a great person to have come in to contact with. I booked in a 2 hour session with Kristina and really had no idea what to expect, only that I knew i was in good hands - I didn’t actually know what it was in me that needed healing, but even that wasn’t a hurdle during the session.

Kristina not only made me feel at ease but managed to cleanse out things from within which in some cases I had no idea were even there. It really was a powerful session and I truly felt that I was in an altered state of consciousness with her voice guiding me through many visualisations and images that she seemed to draw out of me.

It was a very emotional couple of hours and when I came out the other side, Kristina said that she had the ability to go even deeper - I'm hoping to find out one day how deep that really is.

Thank you Kristina for a wonderful healing session. Many of the images that you crystallised in my memory will be with me for life and have already proven to be great anchor points for when times get tough.

Lots of love


My first testimonial in Russian, please excuse the Google Translated version but my client wanted the testimonial to be in Russian so that others like himself could find me.

Ps. All the sessions were done long distance from Ecuador to Georgia (a country at the crossroads of Western Asia & Eastern Europe)

"My story is that, due to severe stress in my personal life that lasted quite a long time, my health began to deteriorate. Almost no part of the body, which would not hurt. What are the only technique I have not tried it for healing, Reiki, Qigong, Pranayama, Yoga, Aunt Healing, meditation and more. But nothing really has helped, until God brought me to Kristina. The first session lasted 3 hours and a lot of negativity was been removed. And the next day I felt as heart became easy, tears rolled down my cheeks and I realized that I had found a way to myself. I realized that I was a divine creation. Something changed in me dramatically, and this awareness of lightness and joy filled me.

But as the problems I had typed a lot, it would be naive to expect that a single session could remove what has been accumulated in many negative years. We spent a few more sessions, Kristina very carefully and with great patience applies to every session, trying always to do more than just work time. In Christening real gift from God. I worked with some Healers-but nobody could help me so much. And each time more clearly became my improvement that began to reflect on the physics. Sores began to disappear. Although I'm not quite recovered, but the dynamics are beautiful. So happy I was never before all thanks to Kristina, who helped me to find a way to myself, helped to find the way to God, because God is love, and the most important thing is the time to remember.

Thank you Kristina!

George, Moscow"

"Моя история такова, из-за сильнейшего стресса в личной жизни который длился довольно долго, мое здоровье стало ухудшаться. Почти не осталось части тела-которая не болела бы. Какие только техники я не пробовал для исцеления, Рейки, Цигун, Пранаяма, Йога, Тетя Хилинг, медитации и многое другое. Но ничего реально не помогло, пока Бог не свел меня с Кристиной. Первый сеанс продлился 3 часа, очень много негатива было убрано. И на следующий день я ощутил как на сердце стало легко, слезы покатились по щекам и я понял, что я нашел путь к себе. Я понял, что Я есть Божественное создание. Что-то изменилось во мне кардинально, и это осознание легкости и радости заполнило меня. 

Но так как проблем у меня было набрано много, было бы наивно ожидать, что за один сеанс можно было бы убрать то, что было накоплено негативного годами. Мы провели еще несколько сеансов, Кристина очень заботливо и с большим терпением относилась к каждому сеансу, стараясь всегда делать больше чем просто отрабатывать время. У Крестины реальный дар от Бога. Меня лечили некоторые Целители-но никто не смог мне так значительно помочь. И с каждым разом все явственнее стали мои улучшения, что начало отражаться на физике. Болячки начали исчезать. Хотя я не совсем выздоровел, но динамика прекрасная. Таким счастливым я не был никогда и все благодаря Кристине, которая помогла мне найти путь к себе, помогла найти путь к Богу, ведь Бог есть любовь, и самое главное вовремя это вспомнить.

Спасибо тебе Кристина!

Георгий, Москва"


"Hi Kristina! It's Sofie, you healed me last Friday. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your incredible work I don't think I knew what to expect or how to process it initially but it was an amazing experience. I didn't know how the process worked but looking back you healed so many things inside of me and picked up on such incredibly specific areas that I needed healing. Some of which I was conscious of and some not. I feel the best I have felt, a lightness and self loving that I have missed and there is a great deal if positive movement and clarity in my life since seeing you. I want to continue on this path and will definitely come to see you against. Lots of love to you have a great week and thank you for sharing your gift with me." Sofie, Vancouver

"Dear Kristina, You are an amazing person with a very special gift of healing. I am blessed to have met you. Thank you for your time. My heart is filled with courage to face what the future has ahead of me. My world has more colour because of you. Thank you." Gavin, Vancouver

"Dear Kristina, I feel deeply compelled to comment on the healing i receive yesterday. I had been praying for some breakthru to occur, and you have come into my life at a key time. The thought loops of anxiety and worry were constant and unceasing, I feel a huge shift has occured since the healing yesterday, i feel a deep sense of peace and calm and a regained trust in life and the universe.To me you have performed a profound transformation. i was ready and willing to allow this and cannot thank you enough for your work. In Sincere and Deep Gratitude I Thank you Kristina!" Farris, Sedona Az.

"I have had the great privilege of receiving healings from Kristina Olsson for the past couple months.  I am a healer myself (acupuncturist), and I have worked with many healers over the years, many of whom were helpful, but few if any who have been been such a positive force for good in my life as Kristina.  I'm not in the habit of writing testimonials, but I am so touched by the care and support that Kristina has extended to me, that I feel compelled to share about my experience with her to others who may be considering trying a session with her. First off, right from the first session, it was clear that she is incredibly intuitive, with an ability to see into the underlying patterns and belief systems that have been holding me back with an incredible degree of accuracy.  Her perceptive abilities are actually pretty mind boggling and awe inspiring often times, and she picks up on lots of stuff that I didn't mention anything about to her previously.  Equally important though is her ability to gently bring your awareness to the patterns and beliefs while at the same time supporting you in gently letting go of them, which can be such a powerful, freeing, and at times very blissful experience.  I feel like there have been sessions with Kristina where I have let go of more emotional gunk in an hour than in months or years of my own personal self cultivation work. The benefits in my life have been manifold, some obvious and powerful, and others more subtle.  The healing that happens during the sessions keeps unfolding for weeks after the sessions.  I have started to have more ease and confidence in my life, more awareness of and ability to let go of habit patterns that no longer serve me, the ability to flow more grace through myself to my patients in my own healing practice, and more joy.  The most important benefit for me personally however has been an increasingly conscious connection to the Divine in all aspects of myself and my life.  I feel like every session helps align me more with my higher self and purpose and helps to remove obstacles to my spiritual evolution.  This work is helping me to learn to live more authentically from a place of Love for myself and others, and I continue to feel more and more clear energetically. I told Kristina during one of our sessions that it is hard for me to articulate the sense of gratitude I have in general and specifically towards her for supporting me in this journey of life.  She has truly touched my heart, and has an amazing gift.  She is a bright light in this world.  In closing, I recommend her whole-heartedly and without reservation to anyone who is interested in deep healing and self transformation in a deeply supportive and loving process.  I feel blessed to have met her!!" Andrew, Pennsylvania USA

"I just want to put into words my gratitude for the magical healing session you did for me. After our visit my life has transformed in the most beautiful way and I'm exploding with positive energy and information. My intuition has risen beyond belief and my appetite for knowledge and self improvement seems to have no bounds. I am filled with love, understanding, and gratitude like I've never could of imagined. Everyday I feel more powerful and healthier than the last.I feel so blessed to have met you and to experience your extraordinary gifts you so generously and lovingly share. :) Bless you for awakening something in me that has been hibernating deep inside me for far too long. THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THIS BEAUTIFUL NEW UNIVERSE & AWAKENING MY PASSION FOR LIFE." Todd, Vancouver

"I felt as if I was swimming in an ocean of pearly white and purple, I didn't want to leave.." Melanie, Vancouver

​"I've experienced chronic pain most of my life that has left me disabled and you helped me let go of it, I don't have enough words to thank you. Thank you, THANK YOU!!" Lino, Vancouver

"You're the most powerful healer I have ever met and I have worked with many.. you're the real deal! I'm so happy I was guided to you." Anca, Vancouver

"My heart has never felt so open before, my chest pain is all gone.. Its amazing!" Gary, Vancouver

"Feelings of being infinite, endless pervaded me during the session. Days afterwards I have had inexplicable boots of laughter, once when I was washing the dishes and another time while brushing my teethes. Neither practices where normally I find much joy.. I also found that my deep sleep had doubled after the session." Terrence, Vancouver

"Meeting you have been such a blessing. I feel as if I'm having a spiritual awakening and for the first time feeling grounded in my body." Greg, Vancouver

"I just wanted to let you know that I feel like a totally different person today! Or I should say I feel more like my "old" self. The change is so dramatic I can't believe it. I went for a walk yesterday after our phone call and started to feel better but the change is really phenomenal. Today I don't feel ANY hurt in my stomach or heart. YOU ARE AMAZING! I can't thank you enough." Carolyn, Vancouver

"I feel like I've had a 5 week vacation after the healing, so calm and stress free. Amazing, the tinnitus that I've been suffering for a year is also gone as is my neck pain. Kristina has a gift." Lars, Stockholm

"It was an incredibly wonderful experience to meet with you yesterday Kristina! I feel honored and blessed to have met you and can feel the changes inside me already! Thank you and may your gifts and abilities continue to make positive changes for all!" Farooq, Surrey

"Kristina is a true channel of the spirit  and her reading was the best I've ever had. She cleared my third eye and crown chakra from blockages that other healers told me was attached entities.I felt amazing afterwards and the blockages has never returned." Tara, Vancouver

"I feel as if Kristina knows me better than I know myself. The reading was so accurate." Robin, Vancouver

"I don't worry as much any more, I don't seem to be as annoyed or stressed as easily any more either after the healing. I just feel really calm and content. Its a very subtle but remarkable change." Anki, Stockholm

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