About Kristina

I opened up my healing gifts after a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in the beginning of 2011 where I opened my Third Eye. After the profound experience I could not only feel what other people felt inside but also move the blockages that I felt in others. I also felt enormous amounts of energy streaming through my entire being, radiating outwards and I learned how I could channel the energy to others, both through my hands as well as through my mind at a long distance where the receiving person could be located on the other side of the world. The knowledge of healing was coming from within.

Originally born and raised in the Swedish Arctic, I have lived most of my life abroad, being called by spirit to different places of the world. Being born in a secularised country as Sweden with an atheist family, the spiritual path was never obvious. Though my favourite subject in school was religion, I had difficulties finding one that answered all of my questions or one that I felt that I could actually resonate with.

Looking back at my life I realise that I've had mystical experiences my entire life, I have been able to see auras as long as I can remember but never realised that it was anything out of the ordinary. My highly intuitive inner guidance with just a knowingness was also taken for granted since that it has always been there as well as my strongly emphatic nature was never considered as something special. This added to the premonition dreams that would come through exactly as I dreamed them months and sometimes years ahead, as well as the strong awareness of energies around and between people.

Yet the fine line of believing in the super natural senses, the thin veil between this world and the other didn’t truly open up until after my Kundalini Awakening where I realised my eternal self and the eternal light body that resides and encompasses us all. That’s when all the pieces of the puzzle started to fall together and my life choices and occult interest started to make sense. I have always been on the path to become a healer, I just didn’t know it.

It is my life purpose to help people heal and to help them find their eternal light within, to open up to their own divine inner guidance and tuning into their hearts. To help them discover their own unique gifts and let go of the limitations that are holding them back from being all that they can be.

As we are all eternal beings of Love, we have just forgotten.