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The Immersion Program

Thank you so much for today, I almost can't stop giggling with both relief & delight at how different I feel from the beginning of our time together today to now. I'm so grateful to you & for the work that you do. 🙏🏼


❤️ Becky

This program is for you that wants to have a deep inner transformation and to activate your own Kundalini energy. To deeply connect with your own inner divine wisdom and knowing. 


This intensive program is a 6-months immersion that consists of 26 healing sessions spread out over 6 months.

In this program you meet me, Kristina every week over WhatsApp. Every two weeks you have a 3 hour healing session, working on clearing blockages that are blocking the flow of light through your being.


Then every two weeks we meet for a Shaktipat or another healing session depending on where you are in your process. Shaktipat is where I send pure source energy to your root chakra, heart chakra or third eye and crown, depending on the guidance of the day. Or if there's already energies coming up to the surface to work on, I'll give you a healing session instead. 

This is a deep commitment and I want to talk to you and have a personal conversation before you enroll in what will be a very transformative journey for you.

I found that the people that I work with consistently on either a weekly basis or bi-weekly have the greatest transformations and I find that their light body totally transforms and that their energy opens up like nothing else. These are the times when I get to witness the light body transform into a plasma body which is an absolute miracle to witness.

This program require a deep commitment because it will bring up some intense energies and it may bring up some intense emotions.


The schedule is:

a 3 hour healing session every 2 weeks


3 hour healing session/ Shaktipat session every 2 weeks in between sessions. 

For 6 months straight!


That means that we will have a scheduled session continuously every week.

Shaktipat is where I ignite your light body from within which activates your Kundalini energy as well as bringing up all the energy that is blocking your Kundalini from awakening. Then the week after we have a healing session where I help you clear the energies that have risen to the surface to be cleared. 

I am only opening this for a few people and the requirement is a commitment to stick it out even when the going gets tough. This may bring up fears that may come up when we awaken. Fears of intense emotions and energies, fears of losing ourselves as we've known ourselves to be. It's going to be a wonderful deep dive, you will also be able to hold much greater amounts of love, light and energy and I am committed to helping you through the challenges that may come up.

I am committed to helping you awaken your true divine self.

You need to be committed to show up for yourself and for the inner work and the inner reflections that are needed for you to awaken.

Your investment is US$7,500

If this feels like it's calling to you, please message me and we will schedule a conversation. ☀️

I'm really excited to go really deep with you and this is really the time, everything is speeding up and we are going to find that the energy of the earth and the cosmic energies are going to increase and intensify our individual processes and awakenings. Which will bring up our collective and individual shadows to the surface so that we can release and open up the the love and light that we are.


So Much Love,



Alexandra's Answers

What are the things that you have appreciated the most about this program?

I appreciated the very present support, the adaptability that gave me a lot of space to express my experiences in the ways that felt good, and the continual feedback and insight on the various elements in my life that I was consciously working through at the same time as the energetic work. It felt like a very connective, holistic experience — one of the concerns that I had was that the program would take so much energy that I would have a hard time being present for my day to day life, and there were times of deep processing, yes, but I never felt like the deep inner work that was occurring was never too much. The support was present and able to really help me integrate week after week. 

What changes have you noticed throughout the program? Inner and outer? Psychical, spiritual, mental and emotionally?

I am taking more space in my life. I am able to show up my dynamically while also taking better care of myself. I am living a whole life, standing in my truth and power with much more ease, and expanding in awareness and quality of connection. 

Has the program met your expectations?

I am very amazed but also not surprised considering how powerful this work tends to be in my life. 


What would you have liked less of?


What would you have liked more of?


What have you learned?

So much. Too much to say. That I am worthy. 
What was the most challenging aspects of the program?

It rocks your world. Nothing is too sacred to be examined from the depths of this inquiry, so openness to the vulnerability is necessary. 

Anything else that you would like to mention?

Thank you so very much 🙏 

Alisha's Answers:

What has been the best things about this program?

The best thing about the program is the change I have seen within myself. Every week, I felt a new version of myself unfold and got closer and closer to feeling more presence and soul connection with myself. I loved the feeling of releasing old identities every week and looked forward each week to the new level of evolution waiting to unfold.

What changes have you noticed throughout the program? Inner and outer? Psychical, spiritual, mental and emotionally?

Most of the changes in this program have been inner changes. When I first signed up for this program, there was a big part of me that was hoping for a lot of outer change. However, the deep level of unconditional peace I feel within me is the biggest gift and more valuable to me than anything I could receive in the outerworld. My inner peace and happiness is only dependent on my connection to myself and not to anything else that may or may not manifest in the outer world..  


Has the program met your expectations?

The program has gone beyond my expectations. Kristina is a true healer reflection and embodying divine light. You can feel that she is in this work from her true heart and is fully and whole heartedly invested in you and your journey. To feel so held/loved/ cared for by someone and to have someone taking a stand for you every week was one of my favourite things about the program. 

What would you have liked less of?

There is nothing I would have liked less off.  

What would you have liked more of?

I would have liked to be heard more in what was going on in my journey from my perspective (as we have discussed already ;)) 

What have you learned?

I could probably write a book on what I have learned! The biggest thing I have learned and embodied is that manifestation is a journey and has little to do with "getting" anything in the outside world. Life is a journey of bringing you back home to love and every single experience, painful or good, is about bringing you back home to your soul and your truth which is love.   My body has also learned to feel the love available to me at levels I didn't even know was possible. 


What was the most challenging aspects of the program?

The challenging aspects of this program is sitting with the transformations I was going through every week. However, I had already been sitting with myself for about six months before I started this program, so it wasn't as challenging. THis is definitely not something I would have been able to do while working and I am grateful that I gave myself the full time and space to do this program so that I could reap the transformation I was meant for from this program.  I think it is challenging for anyone to sit with the hard emotions so its not the program that is challenging - it is the work you have to be ready to do that is challenging and one must have the courage to face it and do the work. One must be committed to their soul work over anything. 

Anything else that you would like to mention?

I have worked with Kristina for many years for one- off sessions when I was going through a tough time. She has always been an embodiment of divine healing light and a safe space to completely let go and let yourself feel how you are feeling. I always feel seen and safely held by her presence even before she starts the actual healing session. I had been called to do the immersion program for a few months and finally went for it when my guidance told me it was time. I have worked with many coaches over the last decade on my spiritual journey and each of them have had a significant impact on my journey and contributed to my evolution.


However, the impact of this immersion program with Kristina is second to none. It has changed and impacted me to the core of my being and brought me back home to the truth of who I am. It has released all anxiety I had of having "things" in my life whether it be money, a partner, friendships. It has given me the greatest gift anyone could ask for which is true connection to myself. I know that the manifestations of my desires will follow, but I am happy and proud of who I have become through this program first before any of those things come along. I wouldn't want to be any of the older versions of myself before all the manifestations came because I wouldn't be able to be present with those relationships or my divine partner the way I would be able to with the version of myself who I am now.


In each energy healing session, I felt intense energy in my body and received intense versions or feelings of my future self and energy that was calling me and what life was asking me to become- each session showed me the next path of my evolution and the energy excited me into becoming the next and the next and the next version of myself. It was as if spirit was teaching my body to understand and embody truer versions of me closer to my soul energy and release and erase the versions of myself that trauma had taught me to become. Because of this, Kristina's healing gifts to me are unlike anything I have experienced in this world. The energy sessions helped me get out of my mind and imagine soul visions beyond anything my brain could create or imagine; it showed me the next level of my destiny, the areas where I was stopping myself from dreaming because I was scared, and helped show me what was truly possible for me.


After each session, Kristina took the time to debrief with me and what was beautiful is that we both experienced and mirrored the guidance and messages we received from spirit about what was next to me to work on and to evolve into. This journey was like a beautiful dance with spirit working with me and Kristina devoted to my healing and expansion helping me feel so loved and supported and like I mattered. I didn't know it was possible to feel the amount of love my body has learned to feel through this program after years of it being void or scared of love. I am also in deep appreciation of Kristina always taking so much extra time and investment in my healing journey beyond what was expected. Her commitment is to spirit and what is needed for her clients in the moment- to me Kristina is just a complete and unconditional offering of love healing - so rare and precious to find on this Earth.


I hope for a world that is bopping with healers like Kristina as she is a true teacher and leader for who I hope to be as a healer in terms of  her heart offering and embodiment of divinity, love and presence that goes beyond her healing gifts. A healer can have many gifts but it is going beyond their ego and delving into their true embodiment of spirit that helps them shine - Kristina is a perfect example of this to the world. Thank you Kristina for a journey of a lifetime, so much love and grace to you 💓💓💓

Joakim's Answers:

What has been the best thing about this program?

  1. That the energy body feels and is more activated. I feel energy and vibrations all over and in a new way than before. If I tone/feel into a place in the body, I feel the energy there. I also feel bigger than my physical body. I can focus on a point outside the body, e.g. ten cm outside my leg, and feel that I am there too. That it vibrates and energy flows at that point. Guess it's in my aura, the light field that is closest to the body and that you can see around all living things. At least it feels that way.

  2. I'm more into me. I feel closer to myself. I feel that I stand more in my power and trust myself more. That I am more aligned and true to myself. It feels like my will, decisions and opinions are more in line with something true and divine, my higher self…..? It comes from something/something and it goes through and out of me. From something else…… but which is still me. Me and it are one.

  3. That I can hold more light. In the beginning, I could feel a little bad physically from the healing, that it became a little too strong (a kind of overwhelm), I could feel bad and became a little dizzy and vibrated and pulsated. I felt a bit like an overcharged battery. Although I liked it and saw it as something positive (a physical feedback), but maybe the nervous system and/or energy body was overloaded?

  4. That we worked remotely and that you have been flexible in case I have had to change the time or day.

Has the program met your expectations?
I don't really know what I expected. I had/have an image that there are a lot of blockages in me that I have no idea about and can't access. It is and was these blockages and traumas that I wanted to heal. They are there, hindering and controlling me. I think that with time what has changed will become clearer than what I have written here and now.
I have a desire to grow and expand, become bigger, get closer to god.

What would you like less of?
At times I have been very tired and felt as if I was running a Vasa race back and forth. Also had a pretty bad headache at one point.


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