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2023 year in review

2023 was an odd year for me; looking back, not a lot of things happened on the material plane, but I believe under the surface, a lot of things have changed deeply.

I had more clients in 2023 than I've had ever and my constant prayer was to be upgraded so that my capacity could increase. I experienced some really deep exhaustion throughout the year and I'm glad that I've somehow gotten myself back to a level of strength and energy again that feels good and that feels healthy. It's also important to understand that to get upgrades you often gets exhausted and super tired for periods of times so it's really a normal flow of the ascension process but it can feel so tedious to have zero strength left for anything in life.

Therefore 2023 became the year of medicinal mushrooms and different adaptogens for me, to find a way to give myself more energy. It was also when I started to take collagen as a supplement and I never felt that my body had needed something so deeply. I think living on a high altitude as I do puts my body under a different kinds of stress as well, lack of oxygen and a greater pressure on the body overall. I've used many different herbs, plants and fungi throughout the year, the ones that were new for the year were reishi and rhodiola and they've both helped to give me more energy.

Others throughout the year there were cordyceps, cat's claw, chlorella, turmeric, hibiscus, ashwagandha the ones I worked regularly with, I also microdosed psilocybin with lion's mane throughout the year and that's about it.

I had a few plant medicine ceremonies, and when I say a few, I think it's only two Huachuma ceremonies that I had in the spring. They were massive ceremonies that changed my life on such a deep level and led my physical spinal cord to come to a point of complete healing. I haven't talked about these ceremonies or written about them because they are deeply personal and have a lot to do with my ancestral lineage, so they go beyond my personal scope of sharing. But the healing they brought to my spinal cord and the light that has opened up in my back is so wonderful that, if anything, 2023 should be remembered for that.

I finally became a conscious creator of my life in 2023, and I've talked a lot about us creating our personal reality. It's been one of my favorite subjects since my awakening, and yet there was a big part of me that didn't fully take responsibility for my own reactions, my own thoughts, and how I showed up at times in my life and what my true underlying beliefs were that were creating my reality.

A big part of my resistance to not being fully responsible and present with myself was that I carried some sort of shame about not being perfect. This weird burden I've carried is that I had to be so good and so pure and so something, and that something was something I thought I would never be. It was such a subtle feeling that it wasn't until I faced it from all directions that I realized that I just didn't love myself enough.

That lack of love that I didn't give myself was due to the belief that I was somehow lacking for not being enough. Such a trip, because once I just sat with it and loved that part of me, regardless, it just faded away. By loving myself and by really loving myself, I've really opened my own heart too, and from that place, a certain strength is coming through. A strength I'm not sure I've felt before because it's not strong and loud. It's so peaceful and so grounded, like a great mountain of peace.

You know, as I write this, I remember when I first came up to the sacred valley of the Peruvian Andes from the jungle in 2020. The Apus, the mountains told me that they would help me become like a mountain. Hmm, so maybe I'm closer to that now.

2023 was the year I met Tula, my dog. She was living outside my door when I moved into my new house at the beginning of the year. She originally belonged to my landlord's brother, but he didn't take good care of her, and she was spending most of her days outside of my door, a glass door, where she would sit and stare at me eating, working, and living. Eventually, when the rain came (it came late last year), she would sit and cry outside my door, all soaked and miserable and wet, so I would let her in. Then she started following me everywhere—I mean everywhere—and then it wasn't long until I started feeding her regularly and getting her dewormed, debugged, and washed (maybe for the first time in her life). She's my constant companion now, and I can't imagine life without her. ❤️

I remember at the end of 2022 and throughout 2023, all I wanted was massive change. Not just in one direction but in all directions. As if I had enough of what my life had been up to that point and that a change had to happen on all levels of my being. So that was my consistent prayer throughout the year—massive positive change on all levels of my being and my whole life experience.

2023 was a year I craved silence and stillness more than anything and it took me almost all year until I found it. I'm now living above the valley, among the peaks of the mountains and here I found this deep silence that I was seeking. In 2024 I will move to something completely different and new but maybe an even deeper stillness and silence. A new way of life will begin for me.

I will share more as we move into the year and as things come into motion finally.

Full Moon in Cancer 2023

2024 I expect to be a year of intensity. I've heard so many people talk about mass awakenings from so many different schools of thought. We are to expect more solar flares than ever before, and as the sun emits more light into our realm, the earth, Gaia will also respond. As our bodies receive this increase in light, both cosmic and earthly, we can expect people to start to feel things they've been trying to avoid for generations, it's all going to come to the surface to be felt.

For those who have already reached a certain alignment, this will be much easier than for those who are just at the beginning of their awakening. But I'm wondering if we will witness some sort of collective mass purgatory happening in 2024? or maybe it will more like a light switch being turned on? ✨

I've been feeling these new energies, these new frequencies come through and I feel as if New Earth is starting to show herself more and more. I only have the best feelings about 2024 to be honest and when I meditate on 2024 all I see and feel is massive light and love and this new frequency.. that feels so good to me.

With that I hold you all in my heart and in my prayers for the collective awakening and healing of humanity as well as for the regeneration and healing of Gaia which includes all our physical bodies.

✨ So much love and so many blessings into the new year for us all! ✨

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