I just finished reading the Holistic Psychologists new book 'How To Do The Work: Recognise Your Patterns, Heal from Your Past, and Create Your Self' by Nicola Lapera a couple of days ago. For those that don't know who the Holistic Psychologist is then I would look her up on Instagram and YouTube, I think she's revolutionary in her work and her approach to healing. I really love what she's doing.

One of the things that I took from the book was the incredible importance of establishing trust in oneself on the healing journey or just in life. Without trust in yourself you will always look to others for guidance and to know what is the right way or what is the truth. But the truth is that no one can tell you what is right for you unless it's an expert in an area where you lack knowledge such as a dentist or a surgeon perhaps. But even then we still need to go back to ourselves, do I trust this persons advice? Does this person make me feel safe to follow his/her advice? Or will I just follow blindly?

Nicola Lapera talks in her book about when we want to create changes in our life we often set ourselves up with this great plan where we plan to change our entire life in 180 or 360 degrees and then we often end up abandoning the whole project after x amount of time. Why does this happen?

Because we overwhelm ourselves with too many great changes all at once. If you haven't left yourself with any familiar comfort that you can retreat to when you feel the need for comfort you will most likely throw the whole plan away. So she suggest that you start with one small thing that you do every day like drinking a glass of water the first thing you do in the morning. Then you keep on doing this for the rest of your life. Such a small promise and commitment won't overwhelm you or stress you out but it will instead create a trust in yourself that you can keep promises to yourself. That your word to yourself means something.

Have you ever tried to change your life and failed your plan to do so and then every time you try again you end up abandoning the plan? This creates a distrust to yourself. It may also bring up a lot of feelings of shame and guilt - "why can't I do it when "everyone" else can... what's wrong with me?"

So what Lapera says in her book which I love is that before a great change can happen, we need to trust our self. We have to become our best friend, we have to be the person that we trust the most. We have to become the person that we believe in. How do we do that? By keeping our commitments to ourselves and by creating small changes in our life that we can easily do without overwhelming ourselves. That's what great friends do to each other right? You check in and make sure that the tasks that you set out to do aren't too great, that they are within your capacity to do. Today as you are now. Not how you imagine that your future self 'should' be where the distance to who you are today is simply just too great. Then we end up feeling defeated and as failures.

But instead if we approach change with kindness to ourselves. What can I possibly change today that my future self would thank me for? A small thing that I can keep doing everyday for as long as I choose to?

Remember that this is something that you are doing for You. Something that you know will improve your life quality. Something that will make you feel better in the long term.

A few suggestions:

- a glass of water first thing after awakening

- going for a walk in nature upon waking

- turning of my wifi before going to bed

- stretching upon waking f.ex. 2 minute cat and cow stretch

- 5 min meditation in the evening

What kind of small change could you implement in your life today to create greater trust in yourself?

Thank you for reading!

Much Love,


One of the most exciting and cool things about last year was the speed of change that my spine has been straightening out. I should have taken photos but I didn't so you just have to believe me when I tell you.

My spine has shifted so much last year and with that immense energetic changes. I grew up with a hunch because I didn't want to be the tallest girl in class or in school and I didn't want to be seen or rather I didn't want to stick out (and I did). So I tried to make myself small and that created permanent fixtures in my spine that has been out of alignment all my life.

The energy in my body seem to have decided that it's time for me to straighten up so the energy have been pushing me to crack my back into alignment. Last year was the most intense where at the beginning of the year two of my the vertebrates in my neck stood out about 1 cm each. Today they only stand out a few millimetres.

Some of the shifts have been huge and has left me going into certain states of consciousness or felt like I had to purge because as the vertebrates connect there's an immense energy that comes with it. I guess it could be likened to as connecting power lines, when there's a gap or a disconnect between the vertebrates the energy can't move freely, it becomes restricted but then when the vertebrates connect again there's a surge of energy because the energy that was disconnected is all the suddenly reconnected.

Most of the time there are these little small shifts that doesn't seem to do much difference on the outside but they click inside my head and I can feel that something is shifting within me. I'm amazed by this process. How my body knows exactly what to shift for the next move to be able to happen. I also realised how much energetic stagnation that was behind the hunch. As I released stuck energies the spine moved and opened up - again and again.

I want to write about this because for me it just a proof of how holy and amazing our bodies are. That there's an immense intelligence in our body that knows how to heal us. That even if we have in different way deformed and misused our body, the blueprint of the body is still there and active underneath it all and when you give it enough power it starts to move, it starts to act. I'm turning 40 this coming August and in many ways I'm healthier and stronger than I ever been and the fact that my spine is straightening out makes me believe that I don't know what the future holds for me. I think we hold more magic in our body than we can imagine, especially when the energy is awakened within us.

I don't have any fear of any disease or of my body getting sick because I trust my body. I believe in the magic that the body holds. I think in society there's a great separation between those that have connected to their body and that has connected to the Earth. I don't believe that consuming any manmade substances will make my body better. I just don't think we as humans are that smart (yet).

But the Divine. Ahh I'm so grateful to have this connection with the Divine within me, to trust myself and my body so deeply, to trust God this deeply. If I could share anything with you it would be the comfort that faith has given me over the years. I know its not something that's easy to create within but through practice you can let go of controlling and letting go to the ease of trust.

As for my spine. Well there's a little bit left to shift and my plan is to work with different medicines and yoga to help the energy move. I'm just started working with Kambo now and will continue for the next 6 months or so as I'm curious to see what continuous Kambo ceremonies will do for me. Often we talk about the physical purging with Kambo (which can be intense) but I really think the energy is what makes Kambo so powerful. I did three Kambo sessions last week and the first two sessions I never purged though I had some great energetic surges and a lot of energetic shaking afterwards. Still integrating those changes and looking forward to what more this medicine has to show me.

For a straight spine and an open heart.

So Much Love,