I have always strived to become the best healer that I could ever become. That path has never been a straight path to me, but an exciting path of exploration and learning.

I started reading the book Awakening The Luminous Mind by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Some of you may remember that I have in the past recommended his fantastic book The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream and Sleep.

This book is simple yet profound. In a way I already knew, yet I haven’t truly been practicing it or to see it as clearly as Tezin explains in his book.

Healing is really remembrance. We are the light, we are the love that we seek. It’s all underneath the fear and the anxiety or anger or sadness or whatever it is that makes us feel less than happy. All that stuff lies on top of the light that you are.

As you heal, you open to the true light within. You let go of the fears and the limitations that blocks your light from within.

This method that Tenzin explains in the book is to continuously look for the space within EVERYTHING. As you do, the thing that you felt will just fall apart. It will stop existing. Just like that.

When we look for the space within everything, we immediately access the infinite, the formless. The Divine.

The practice in itself is beyond the mind, there’s no mental process. It’s just looking for the space within. Within everything.

Its so simple yet beyond powerful. It takes me out of the picture, it takes everything out and there’s a great surrender. A great letting go and allowing to own up, to whatever it Is at that moment. As you do you stop resisting life. You stop resisting everything because if you continuously look for the space within you will find that nothing is ever permanent. Not within and not without.

I can’t recommend this method enough for empaths and highly sensitive people. The resistance to feeling is what keeps us stuck, when you let go of the resistance you soften so that the light can enter and thats where the healing begins.

In my practice I've almost always used to focus my energy as an arrow. Punctuating whatever I was working on, sort of penetrating it to its core. Whereas I find with this method that instead of reaching out towards what I’m working with, I’m instead opening up. I’m not reaching for anything anymore because what’s to reach for? Space??

Right. :)

So instead it feels as if I’m opening up like the sun and I’m inviting everything in, whatever it may be to be seen and felt and within that space I’m looking for the space within all of that. The true pure light that’s the infinite eternal, that’s always always there.. so there’s very little doing, a lot of receiving and being within what is. A much much more feminine and relaxed method.

Does that make sense?

Please try it out, it’s so simple yet so very very efficient and powerful.

So Much Love,


Right before new years eve I was told by spirit that it was time to take my spiritual name as my spoken name. Always when I'm asked by spirit to do one thing or another, I need to feel it through. I wasn't sure if I could or would or wanted to. I was told that my old name Kristina represented so much old identities that I could now let go of.

I received the name Satya'Naat just about 7 years ago in 2013. I remember that day and night very well. I remember being so sad during the day, a sort of sadness that I couldn't break through. I remember posting here on Facebook asking for prayers and for people to send me love which is probably the only time I've ever done so. Later that day I was invited to come to a concert with the Wailers. It was Bob Marley's birthday and they were having a tribute concert in down town Vancouver.

Isaac my friend who invited me I had met just a few days earlier, I was going for an audition as I was doing some part time acting for fun at the time. I was on the bus going down Hastings and the bus stopped abruptly and I fell into this big Rastafarian dude. I apologized quickly and as I was trying to gain my balance again I looked up and met these big brown beautiful kind eyes and as I did I just knew that we knew each other. That we were old old friends. He said hi and I said hi and somehow I don't remember what happened exactly but I was an hour late for my audition and I definitely didn't get the part, but I made a friend. :)

So fast forward to the concert night, I went downtown to meet Isaac and his friends and we met at McDonald's of all places and he was sitting there waiting for me with a woman and a young man. The woman who I unfortunately don't remember the name of anymore but Isaac had met her earlier in the day when she was looking at drums, she had come to Vancouver from Mount Shasta a few days earlier. She said she was called to come. She continues to tell me that my name, my soul name is Satya'Naat. When she told me it was as if every cell in my entire body lit up, it was as if my whole light body responded and I just knew it was true. She also told me that my true element was water but that I had come into this lifetime to learn about the element of fire (I'm a Leo sun).

Which makes so much sense, water has always been my favorite place to be. Since I was very young I couldn't wait for the ice to break in the spring so that I could be in the sea again, or just to spend hours and hours in the bath.We had a drum ceremony a few days later on Kits beach, right by the secret beach for those who know.. and I remember merging with a bald headed eagle and afterwards for weeks I could see a reflection of an eagle above me on the cars as I walked by but when I looked up there was none there.. so much magic, and some very remarkable ceremonies I had with her. One of the first ceremonies where I went into trance and started talking my star language or the language of Sofia came through when she was there. Now looking back I know it was a time of big initiations.

It's taken me 7 years and a whole lot of death and transformation. But I feel happy to be called Satya'Naat now, it feels right. But you can call me Satya for short.

Thank you for reading, so much Love!

Ps. I will be changing my name on all channels from now on. Ds.

Someone asked me how you can be vulnerable yet not fragile and break down in the middle of a work day? How do you allow yourself to be vulnerable but still remain somewhat contained?

Being vulnerable doesn't mean that you allow your emotions to control you. Being vulnerable means allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling and staying present within that. Being truly vulnerable doesn't mean that you go unconscious and become reactive to the world outside of yourself.

Being vulnerable means allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling and coming to a place of self-knowing within that. That also means that sometimes you do allow yourself to be very fragile and allow yourself to express your own needs. But to become aware of our own needs, our true needs, we need to listen within.

When we do our own inner work, we learn to take responsibility for how we feel. Thus we don't put the responsibility of our feelings on someone else's table. Yet we can communicate how the behaviors of others might make us feel and if certain relationships don't change or evolve even if we communicate our needs then we can choose to walk away.

But in the end we always have to go back to ourselves and sit with what we are feeling. We have to allow other people to be yet we have to also be responsible for ourselves. So we can have conversations with someone expressing how their behavior makes us feel yet if they are unable to change their behavior, then we have to take responsibility for our own life and maybe choose to walk away from the situation and the relationship.

Being vulnerable means being accountable for how we feel, it means turning inwards. That also means that we need to face our own ego that may want to put up walls and may be hiding away from doing what our hearts tell us to do because that would mean becoming responsible and accountable for how we feel.. and facing our fears, which tend to in front of our hearts desires.

Does that make sense?

Being vulnerable means more than anything to open up to ourselves and when we do that we can then open up to the world. We have to create safety within ourselves before we open up to the world and that really can only happen once we have become our own self-healers and our own best friends. That means changing how we speak to ourselves, not putting ourselves down etc etc.

Of course this often needs to be done with someone as a therapist, a healer or a good friend that can help us to navigate within our own thoughts and feelings. But in the end our work needs to come inside.

If our internal environment isn't safe then how can we be safe in the world?

Becoming safe inside takes time and a lot of introspection. We have to untangle lifetimes of conditioning and that isn't always so easy. But step by step you can and the first step is to become vulnerable within yourself. What am I really feeling? What am I thinking? Can I take responsibility for both?

When you do take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings you can also change them. Then its not outside of yourself. It's not an external event taking place outside of your control. It's an actual inner event that you can shift through your awareness and your presence within.

When we become aware and present within the events taking place within we can have compassion for ourselves and we can open up to new possibilities and stop becoming unconsciously reactive and defensive. We can become vulnerable with ourselves and when we do, we become empowered creators. As soon as you realize that you can affect your reality by shifting your inner state of being, you can handle anything. You become invincible and then if you sometimes fall down you know its not such a big deal anymore because you know you can also pick yourself up. It all starts and ends within yourself.

So Much Love,


My Name Is Now Satya'Naat

Right before new years eve I was told by spirit that it was time to take my spiritual name as my spoken name. Always when I'm asked by ...

The Power Of Vulnerability

Someone asked me how you can be vulnerable yet not fragile and break down in the middle of a work day? How do you allow yourself to be vu...

My Name Is Now Satya'Naat

Right before new years eve I was told by spirit that it was time to take my spiritual name as my spoken name. Always when I'm asked by ...

The Power Of Vulnerability

Someone asked me how you can be vulnerable yet not fragile and break down in the middle of a work day? How do you allow yourself to be vu...
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