The process of awakening will always go through expansions followed by contractions followed by expansions and contractions. At first the expansions and the contractions seem as they are as far from each other as they possibly can be (heaven and hell) and we may feel that we are going from a very high to a very low. Then as we have had our deepest dips and made it out alive the dips become more and more shallow as does the highs of the expansions. They are still as high but we don't feel them as high anymore. The highs have started to become integrated into you, you are starting to be able to hold these higher frequencies on a day to day basis.

You may imagine the contractions and expansions as a sinus wave, the middle is where we find our own equilibrium. This equilibrium is constantly changing throughout the awakening, giving us feelings of being lost, not knowing who we are or what we should do with ourselves and this life we got. Yet as the awakening progresses our sinus wave will start to begin to flatten out. We will have less dips and less of the very highs instead we are starting to live at a higher frequency every day.

I think it's important to understand this process because it can feel so challenging when we hit a really deep dip after a profound high. It can be so extremely discouraging, feeling like we did something wrong. When really it's just about integrating new energies within.

After a really profound expansion the light that we just experienced needs to be integrated and this light will find everything within you that is not allowing this expansion to be fully held within your being. The dip afterwards is really the integration of the light, bringing up everything that is not of the light. Yes that can be absolutely excruciating.

Understanding this process can help us when we feel that we lost our connection to the Divine, to our eternal Self. It can help us to intellectually understand the process that we are going through. It can help us to continue to move forward even if we feel scared that continuing will bring us even more pain. So we stop all our practices because the energy scares us, the darkness that we experience inside scares us so we fold up and want to hide from it and to hide from ourselves. Or even going so far as wanting to extinguish ourselves so that we may never experience pain like this again.

This is where we need to find the courage to face ourselves, to really grab all the tools that we have. To continue the daily healing practices, to continue to feel it all, to continue to stay present with it all. Because the resistance to face the pain inside will just prolong the process, it will keep us stuck in the contraction never allowing us to come into another expansion.

Eventually as the highs and the lows start to flatten out, you will have found a depth within your being that is beyond anything. You will find love and peace and a deep sense of self that merges with everything if you fully relax into it. Yet you will be more you than you've ever been you before. It's so worth it.

So keep going my friend, keep going, I believe in you.

Much Love, Kristina

I recorded a Light Transmission for You.

Please receive this energy as you wish, you may direct the energy to a specific area of your body, mind or spirit. You may direct it to perceived challenges or pain. Or you may just receive it as it comes trusting that it will go wherever you need it the most at this moment of now.

Much Love, Kristina

Every time I leave the house these days I am struck by the energy of the collective, the fear, the anxiety and the sadness. As a sensitive I've really been working on clearing the things that gets stuck in my field. As I know that what I absorb from others that doesn't feel good is a pattern that I have subconsciously acquired. I am responsible for my own energy and thus I am responsible for the energy that I absorb from others.

So every time I come home I have to lie down for a while to clear my field and I always go into the meditation with the intention to clear my patterns and programming that allows me to absorb others negative energy.

The way that I do that is that I feel into the energy in my body, I feel it all deeply and then I ask it to transmute and heal itself back to remembrance of love again.

What's really important in this process is that I completely accept this energy, even if it doesn't feel good I accept it as it is and I feel it in its completeness. I notice any resistance that I have to feeling this energy, any need for it to move through faster or any part of me that don't want this energy. Those parts I try to soften and soothe and as soon as I start to soften and soothe into the energy that doesn't feel good, the energy often starts to dissolve by itself.

I can't stress enough the importance of allowance when it comes to sticky energies. We attach to these energies because we have some sort of subconscious patterns that support these energies in our field. Maybe they feel familiar even if they don't feel good. Maybe they support a subconscious shame or guilt or unworthiness or the responsibility for the energy of others.

We can't unravel these patterns unless we sit with them. We have to sit and listen to the pain. But we have to separate ourselves from the stories about the pain, the stories that we have created to associate with this pain. Often the stories hold the pain where it is, whereas if we truly listen to the pain without judgement or resistance the pain has something different to tell us. If we can listen to the pain without pre-conceived ideas to what it is. If we can simply listen with open ears we will either just find that the energy dissolves because we have brought our presence to it with an acceptance and a curiosity and that energy can often be enough to transmute it. Or the pain will tell us stories and understandings of the pain so that we can dissolve it.

Another aspect of feeling like you have attached to other peoples energies are that your field may have been triggered and it may also be your own stuff coming up.. either way you have to take responsibility for what you feel and experience, all of it. The process to clear is the same as above.

  1. Intention to clear the energy

  2. Responsibility for what is felt and experienced in the moment (for yourself)

  3. Presence/Allowance

  4. Space/Time to allow what needs to unfold in its own time, again acceptance to what is in the moment of now

  5. Presence!

A few other practices that really help us to connect to our body, is to be in nature or to connect with nature through flower baths, or just baths with salt and natural flower essence (organic). Walking barefoot on the earth, leaning up against trees, lying on the grass, ground and feel the earth underneath you and consciously ask for the energy of Gaia to rise in you. Smudging yourself and the space you live in also helps immensely. Ask for help from Gaia to clear your field and to clear the patterns that are being brought up for you.

The more you can learn to stay in your field and ground in yourself the better you will feel. Notice the times when you want something from someone else... are you leaning out of yourself to connect? To have something from someone else? See if you can notice these subtle patterns that we all have to acquire energy from outside of ourselves. To get love from others, to get appreciation from others, to be seen, to be heard, to be understood.. See if you can find what you seek inside of yourself instead. See if you can feel into yourself when you are strongly craving something from someone outside of yourself and if you can instead find the feeling that you are looking for within yourself?

You are everything and nothing all at the same time. Yet you are not responsible for others or the energy of others. You are on the other hand completely responsible for yourself, your own energy and everything that you share with this reality. Come back to yourself again and again. Taking full responsibility for self is the first step in any kind of healing.

Thank you for reading. 🌺

Much Love, Kristina