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Immersion Program Testimonial

Updated: Jan 15

What are the things that you have appreciated the most about this program?

I appreciated the deep, ongoing, and consistent support.  It really helped to support the dedication and motivation necessary to do rigorous and continuous spiritual practice.  It was also great to have the mirror of Kristina's deep intuition and sensing to help me see through aspects of things that I was working with that lacked clarity.  And the healings were very helpful in moving through times of stuckness, and brought a greater ease and joy to the process much of the time. 

What changes have you noticed throughout the program? Inner and outer? Psychical, spiritual, mental and emotionally?

My energy body feels completely different.  Very open and alive and spacious.  Meditation has deepened considerably.  At some point during the many months of the program, I realized how much my physical body was responding to all the healing work as well.  There was and still is a distinct sense of being healthier and more vital. In general, there is a greater ease and flow experienced in life, both inner and outer.  There is always more depth to be discovered and explored, but this program has created a very strong foundation for that continued deepening.  

Has the program met your expectations?

I didn't really have specific expectations.  If anything, I hoped it would be a good support for the spiritual deepening and practices that I was engaged in, and that certainly proved to be the case.

What have you learned?

 One of the big (and somewhat surprising things, as I thought I had a good handle on this already), was the great importance of taking measures to stay grounded, especially in the context of doings lots of energy work, spiritual practices, etc...  And along those lines, a deeper appreciation for the complete spectrum of the human experience, in all its beauty and challenge. I learned how much I have given preference to the formless domains/higher chakras, and through that, to some extent bypassing or neglecting to give proper attention and reverence to the more mundane levels of existence, including the domains governed by the lower chakras.  The amount of clearing that took place in my root and 2nd and 3rd chakras has been pretty mind blowing and has opened up a completely new appreciation for these.  

What was the most challenging aspects of the program?

The healings definitely brought up some very confronting material at times to be seen, worked with, and integrated.  This was emotionally challenging at times, physically a bit draining at times, and at times a bit hard on the body and the body's attempts to maintain a degree of homeostasis (Kristina would always offer assistance as needed though with this, even between sessions, and was very helpful in such circumstances).  None of it was too overwhelming, especially with a long background of spiritual practice and a sufficient degree of equanimity, but it was certainly not a walk in the park (and nor did I expect it to be).  That being said, the challenge was at some level enjoyed, as it was clearly a deep journey of discovery into greater truth.  There was a joy in surrendering to the process, even when it might be confronting and challenging, and Kristina was very skillful in helping to gently encourage this way of relating to the process.  

Anything else that you would like to mention?

Just that Kristina puts her whole heart and soul into her work.  I've known her for probably 10 years or so, and she's always been an amazing healer, and I've also seen her grow in her abilities and wisdom over this period of time.  She has deep integrity, and she has tremendous courage and dedication to both her own process of deepening into Awakening, and borne out of this, the capacity to deeply support others in this way. 

She was also extremely helpful in helping me integrate some very profound yet challenging plant medicine journeys that I participated in during the program months.  Her deep understanding and experience of that terrain, along with her highly refined psychic sensing and ability to clear and shift energies was a real gift in these circumstances. 

It was a true honor and privilege to have her play such a deep and intimate role in supporting me on my path over the course of this program.  I remain with gratitude.

❤️ Andrew


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