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Your Own True Frequency

We have been trained since birth to become chameleons. Someone that changes colours depending on who’s around. Not only do we lose ourselves and who we are through this, we also lose our connection to our inner guidance because we are continuously looking for approval in others. 

We all come here to the Earth realm completely unique. We come with a unique frequency and unique light, that no one else in the entire universe holds but you. We come with unique gifts and talents that ultimately lies in our unique beingness. If we continuously look for approval of others, we are continuously changing our frequency to match someone else's frequency, thus losing our own true frequency, our own true vibration. 

Not only will we find ourselves surrounded by people that doesn’t match our true frequency, we will also find that we will not manifest our true destiny, our true path, our true joy unless we start to emit the frequency that we are. That means that we have to let go of other frequencies that doesn’t match with our true essence. That doesn’t agree with our own frequency.

Its as if you would put dirt on top of a bright light, that light is what we are and the dirt is the programming, the limiting beliefs that we have accumulated within ourselves. The programming, the imprint of other frequencies within ourselves also blocks the flow of energy through out our being. Imagine yourself being an instrument and that the tune of your being is your uniqueness, your essence and as you keep reaching out for others to find peace, acceptance and love you will continue to distort that song of yours.

The only way to revive your true frequency is to go within. Is to place your attention your light within and to feel all the discordance that you hold within. That means feeling all your uncomfortability, feeling your anxiety, feeling your sadness, feeling your anger. The ability to feel is our ability to heal. 

Just through the intention of wanting to hold your true frequency you start to shift towards your truth, just by placing your attention within you start to release all your external tentacles. The more you focus within, the more you place your attention on what goes on within you the easier you will shift to a higher frequency and ultimately you will start to shift into your true vibration. Into your true unique frequency, into the true unique song of who you are. Much Love, Kristina


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