We Are All Our Own Creator - Made In The Image Of God

Updated: Feb 25

Everything that you experience outside of yourself, comes from within you. Exactly everything. That means that we may have extremely different experiences even though we seem to be at the same place and time, from similar backgrounds and cultures.

We are all Creators, creating our own reality. We create from our belief system. We act from our belief systems and as such we create our own living dream.

Where you place your attention is where you give your energy. Where you give your energy is where you create.

Its like planting a seed and then continuously watering it with your thoughts and energy, eventually your seed will spring forth with the fruits of your attention.

So are you focusing on what you want to create or are you focusing on what you wish wasn't there? Because if you are focusing on what you wish wasn't there then you are being in agreement to its being. Thus you are watering it into creation through your focused attention.

You are much more powerful than you may ever know.

Learning to redirect your thoughts, learning to stay mindful and present within yourself will help you to find the space within that allows you to choose your own thoughts, rather than going on a pre-programmed tape of old thoughts.

Remember, about 80% of your thoughts are the same thoughts you think EVERY day. So by just changing a few, you will start to change your life.

There's a reason why the greatest geniuses were/are a little crazy, because they don't allow anyone or anything else to interfere in their own dream creation and thus they succeed to create the "impossible".

First was the Word.

So Much Love and Happy Creations! :)

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