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Two Things That Will Block Your Evolution Of Consciousness

Victimhood and lack of responsibility for one's own life.

I came across a recording by Louise Hays the other day and she was saying that we all choose our own family and our own parents because that's what we as a soul wanted to experience. If we get trapped in the perspective that it's all our parents fault that we ended up where we are then we will be forever stuck in a victimhood mentality.

Instead try to understand what it was that you wanted to learn as a soul through having the experience of living through your childhood and your own life.

What has been the greatest challenges?

What has been the greatest blessings?

What are you still struggling with?

Where do you have a sense of victimhood? Where do you have a sense of lack of responsibility for your own life?

Where do you put blame? Where do you struggle to forgive?

Where do you feel doomed? Like you can never heal or you can never overcome this specific life challenge?

These are powerful questions to ask because they put you in the centre of your own life story.

Do you know what yours is? Or maybe you have several different stories. Does any of these stories feel like victim stories? If so why and can you change them to be a story of a person who overcame the stories and the feeling of being a victim to circumstances?

Look no one is ever going to come and save you. It's just you that has the power to change your own life. Sometimes that means asking others for help. Sometimes that means saying no and walking away from people and situations that causes us harm or discomfort or makes us smaller than we are.. Sometimes that means stepping into even greater challenges so that we can evolve and grow out of old patterns.

We all have patterns and different kinds of programming encoded into our subconscious. the victors of life are the ones that can witness them and change them. Just by changing how we think about things can change our life, Louise Hays teaches us this with grace.

Sometimes we get addicted to a point of view because it keeps us comfortable, in the known, even if the known doesn't really feel that good and makes us sad or angry. But it's what we know. It may have created an identity for us where we feel at home.

In the end only you can change your life. Only you can change your inner stories and your thought patterns. Only you can re-program your self and your life path. Only you can choose to heal you.

Much Love,


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