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To Heal It, You Have To Feel It

In the process of healing, little is often talked about the discomfort or fears and negative emotions that we need to come to term with to heal. Often when a person has been ill or depressed for a longer period of time, the pain has become the normal state of being. The status quo. The real problem is that even though the person is constant in this state of being he/she tend to never actually feel it. It may seem like a contradiction but its very simple. As we become accustomed to pain we will naturally start to push that pain away. We feel it yes but we never allow ourselves to feel it deep enough to heal it. We touch upon it, we dwell in it but we don't really feel it..

So what does it actually mean to feel it? I mean really feel it? The truth is, you haven't really felt it until it goes away. Sometimes the pain will feel like an unsurmountable mountain that you just took a bite out of. The pain may seem overwhelming at first and you have to allow yourself to feel that as well. The resistance to feeling pain, the resistance of being uncomfortable. Feeling everything without judging it or putting label on it. Simply being present within it whatever it may be and then allowing yourself to go deeper within that discomfort, within that pain until it starts to go away. But you cannot push yourself there, you have to sit there and just be with it. 

Here's where the great practice of surrendering comes in, the greater you can be unexpectant and just simply be present in the moment and not expecting anything to shift or change. But allowing everything to be just the way it is right now while at the same time just being present within it will help to speed up the process of healing and the transcendence of pain. 


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