The Root Of All Fear Is Imagination

All fears are lies. All fears are illusions created by the ego to create a sense of separation. A separation from the Oneness. The fear creates the belief that the other can somehow hurt us, deceive us, that we are not loveable, that we can be rejected, that we don’t belong, that we are not wanted. That we don’t deserve whatever that we feel that we lack or that it might be taken from us.

But if we believed that we are truly One with all that is, why would you ever want to hurt yourself, or why would you fear being hurt by yourself?

Every time you feel fear, allow yourself to feel the sensations that it creates within your body. Don’t let your mind trick you with its stories and fantasies, created to make you believe in the illusion of fear as a reality.

Instead give this fear to Source to the Universe and allow it to be resolved, ask to see the Truth, ask to be given the Truth and to clear all Illusions, all Fears. As you do, focus on shifting the feeling in your body to a state of wellbeing.

Focus on the sensation of Love, focus on the sensation of Bliss, allow the goodness and pleasure to take over your physical feeling self.

Everything is LOVE, that’s the truth, everything that displays itself as anything less than love is thus an illusion. So when you’re in a state of fear or in any state less than a state of love, you are living in the illusion.

The only way to awaken from this illusion is to ask for love. Its is to ask to receive the perception of love. Within love there is no separation, there just Is and you are a part of this IS as One with All.

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