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The Magic Within

Nothing can ever be as powerful as the willingness to face yourself. 

Often we tend to want to escape our anxiety or any discomfort within ourselves. We want to push it away, blame it on someone else. Least of all do we want to take responsibility that we are feeling this way because well its our own crap. It can be humbling and a little bit scary to look within but if we do so with compassion and love for ourselves we will find the healing that we seek will be right there.

Are you finding yourself avoiding meditation, find yourself avoiding the things that you know are good for you yet they seem cumbersome and boring?! So you keep making the same choices that you have been choosing for the last couple of years. Finding yourself in the same place yet again wondering why?

When we look within with the willingness to face whatever is in there, you will find that life will take you on the biggest journey that you'll ever embark on. When you decide to look within for answer from your highest self, without the need to blame or make reasons for why things are the way they are. 

All the suddenly you find yourself there, peaceful, happy, with nothing left to strike after. No one to blame anything for. Just acceptance and peace. 

But have patience with yourself because when you first sit down to look within it can be like opening Pandora's box. Crawling with little monsters of all kinds. Make friends with the monsters and you'll find that they just want to be loved like everyone else.


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