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The Light Within That Heals

Almost everything that I base my knowledge about healing comes from this very specific moment that I want to share with you. Its funny because its sometimes those very small moments, that redefine how you see the world. Afterwards you can never see life the same way again. Of course my awakening was a huge moment that redefined everything for me.

But this was a small glimpse that made me understand the significance of our awareness, of our own consciousness and how true healing actually takes place.

I was at the time living up north in BC Canada, this was just shortly after my awakening but before I had started my own healing practice.

I was then regularly taking evening yoga classes and had made a habit of taking long hot baths at home afterwards. I would turn off the lights, light some candles and just lie and meditate in the warm water.

One evening as I was doing this, I just randomly started to focus my attention on my knee, don't ask me why, I just did. And as I did I started to see a bright light being created where I focused my attention so I continued to focus there, very curious to see what was happening.

As I did the light grew much brighter and I could literally see my own knee light up, then something even more remarkable happened. The light started to move on its own, it started to shoot down my leg and outside of my leg as well. Now the light was pulsating. It had its own life. I realised that it had its own consciousness. But my awareness and my focus had ignited that light, which then created a vortex of light that started to move on its own.

Moving the light through my being, knowing exactly where to go and how to heal me. All I needed to do was to go there with my attention and stay there. So when we go into the uncomfortable spaces within and we sit with it. This is exactly what happens. Our consciousness, our awareness activates this spark that then has a life of its own, an infinite intelligence that lights us up from within. That knows exactly how to heal us and how to help us remember our true eternal loving self.

Thank you for reading, so much Love!


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