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The Delusion Of The Mind

One of the themes that has come up for me again and again this past year has been the delusion of the mind. Both in my own mind and in the minds of my clients.

Especially when we go through an awakening that may not be so balanced as we could wish for it to be. With the force of increased energies we can have an increased ego, the idea of self may be completely distorted. We may start to live in delusion, we start to believe what our mind is telling us and we start to believe that this is actually divine guidance.

There are so many ideas floating around on social media right now, from twin flames to entities and star families and evil. It's so easy to get lost in these concepts. Some are true don't get me wrong, but they can easily lead us astray into even deeper states of separation.

I have gone down many roads myself and often found myself lost on my path not understanding why and how I got so lost. What I found is that it's all in the mind.

When we start to believe our mind, when we don't look for silence within but instead start to believe everything we hear inside then we often find ourselves on a weird path.

The mind only knows what it has experienced. It doesn't know the unknown, silence scares it because it think it will die. So it continues to create stories, stories that may appeal to our desires and wants. That's why I think the buddhists preach to let go of our desires and to look beyond. Because our desires can trap us in a loop, a loop that the mind has created for us to stay alive. That's also why it can be so incredibly hard to let go of some of these stories because our ego has started to identify with these stories and when someone challenges these stories we feel like they're challenging who we are.

But we are beyond stories, our greatness truly lies beyond the mind. Yet the mind is a beautiful tool and we can use it consciously to become conscious creators of our reality. The thoughts that we think becomes the beliefs that we hold. The beliefs that we hold create our reality. That's why affirmations are so incredibly powerful and amazing to use both to heal as well as to shift our frequencies and to consciously create our reality.

Yet without a practice that encourages and seeks the silence of the mind, we can so easily get lost in delusion.We start to believe what the mind says, we believe it's true because we feel an energy accompanying it and so we believe it to be true. That it's divine guidance.

The remedy from delusion will always be to seek silence within and when you look for guidance, look for the wordless guidance. The guidance that doesn't speak. If it speaks it's very short and non-emotional, non-judgemental. You can recognize the mind through it's judgements, through its righteousness, through the e(motions) it creates, through how it makes you feel special or different or better or less than others. How it creates separation.

Also if it speaks of great powers then also make sure that they actually show up in the present where others can confirm these gifts and powers. Because the ego loves gifts and powers to make it feel special. Yet know you're special no matter what.. because you are a child of God as we all are.

In the end there is no separation. We are all one and we are all love. When you seek that and when you try to see all and everything as divine all around you and all within then something shifts. Then we can have a glimpse of true divinity, of truth but it's found in deep silence, within deep contemplation. That's why the art of listening is so powerful. To turn your awareness within and to just observe and to witness the mind as it assumes and judges and separates. The more we practice this the easier it gets. The easier it gets to become the witness that floats in silence.

Much Love,


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