The Amorosa Dieta

Just started my Amorosa dieta, it's a dieta for opening up to love. I think this is the dieta that most people been excited to hear more about just because it's about calling in love. The tricky thing with this dieta is that it can manipulate people to the idea of love, thus not real love.

These plants and this dieta is also where many people get stuck in black magic, they fall for the power of manipulation. Of starting to practice love potions and spells, or making people to do stuff for you even though it doesn't resonate at their deepest core. Pure manipulation in different ways, which is what black magic is.

This dieta isn't given to just anyone and I don't think it should be given to just anyone. It can create a lot of harm if given to the wrong person, because if the person lack maturity and the understanding of true love (which is completely free) then they won't be able to match the highest frequency of these plants.

From my teachers I'm learning that this is a dieta that you work up to. And there has been immense work to get to this point. So in a way I'm celebrating because I feel like I passed through a milestone. Like completing high school and now I'm in University, first year. I feel like I've been initiated into a new world and now I need to learn the basics of this new world.

I could notice the shift in consciousness even the day before my dieta started. We had one ceremony the night before and it was different. Then the night where I had my first glass of medicine before the ceremony it was as if I stepped through a door and I was in a different world, a completely different world.