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Setting New Habits for the New Year

Full moon madness, couldn't sleep last night actually haven't had a full nights sleep for about a week. Full moon in Leo today which is my sun sign so of course it throws me off, probably the one full moon of the year that affects me the most especially since my moon is in Aquarius where the sun is at the moment.. double trouble ;-) and for all of those that think that the Full Moon and the moon cycle is mumbo jumbo... the moon affects the entire ocean and we're 80% water, you do the math.. :) (and yes I am very sensitive..!)

Anyway, since I didn't really make my list of new years resolution that I normally do too much other stuff going on especially processing all the ceremonies and deep healing that I've been undergoing in the last 6 months. Plus its about 6 months till my birthday so its a good time to set some new goals and intentions for the new year ahead. 

I've been reading a bit of Robin Sharma lately and I'm really impressed by his work and one of the great advices he gives for creating change is to create new habits. Instead of trying to redo your entire life which I sometimes urge for (which normally ends up with nothing) he suggest you should just add 3 new habits (not more, not less) for the new year and then see what they do for you. 

So since I'm a pretty unstructured person with so much creativity and ideas at times that they leave me overwhelmed and chaotic instead of productive and inspired which is how I would like to feel. But being very creative is also I believe the opposite of structure so having routines and habits is not my natural inclination. Thus even more important for me to create some structure and framework around how my days go about. 

So these are my 3 new habits that I'm going to add to my days for the new year:

1. Get up everyday before 6am, ideally the plan is to get up at 5am but I'm giving myself some slack for weekends ehum.. The reasons are plenty, most studies prove that early risers are more productive, earn more money, more happy etc. etc. and in general from a personal perspective I'm much happier and do get way more done when I get up early and I also love being awake before everyone else so..

2. Yoga flow routine everyday in fact every morning at sunrise, yes I want to be that Yogini so the only way to do it is yes to make it into a habit!

3. Write 3 morning pages every morning upon waking, I cannot tell you the magic of getting your notebook out every morning pretty much as you open your eyes. Yes, before you check your email or your Facebook or do anything else. I've learned this when I was following 'The Artists Way' a workbook for working through writers or in general any creative blocks. Its amazing if you haven't heard about, get the book and get started its a 12 week course that WILL change your life. The most important part of the course is to write the morning pages, which is 3 pages that you write upon waking and you just write whatever comes through even if its just blabla, you just have to fill the pages with something without stopping. In the beginning its hard but eventually you start filling your pages with pure magic. Its about tapping into the space between your waking consciousness and your dreamworld. Not only do you get amazingly creative and productive but you really start tapping into your inner guidance and because you're still half asleep while you're writing your ego doesn't have the time to judge or get its fingers in-between you and spirit. Pure magic I'm telling you. 

That's it! Now I've made it public so please check in with me to see how I'm doing to make sure I'm following the protocol!! hehe 

Happy Full Moon!!


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