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Powerful Manifestation Technique

“Whatever it is that you desire, formulate in your mind a very clear image of it. Concentrate this image at the will centre between the eyebrows and calling on the energy of the universe to reinforce your own energy, send a strong thought out through the Christ centre. Invest that thought with all the energy at your command. Feel the magnetic power of the outgoing energy, rather than concentrating too much on the particular object that you hope to influence by your desire.

Concentrate on your own ideal, rather than the state  of things as they actually are. Above all, make divine peace that channel for your magnetic power, that that power work for harmony, or not at all. Make God your Partner in every such undertaking and offer the fruits of your self-effort up to Him, seeking to please Him and acting above all out of Love from Him.

In this way you will soon find that you are a child of the Infinite and that dominion - not egoic, but in the form of soul mastery - over all things is your Divine birth right.”

Swami Kriyananda - The Art and Science of Raja Yoga

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Kristina Olsson
Kristina Olsson
Jun 04, 2018

Thank You! <3

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