Love Is Always A Choice & So Is Separation

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced in this lifetime of mine a time where the camps of opposite views have ever been louder. Each based in fear and this fear is of course also what creates this urgency and loudness.

One of the lessons that I took from 2020 was that I can’t change anyone else and I can’t change the choices that people make. Trying to change or even bluntly trying to save people that hasn’t asked to be saved only takes energy and leaves me drained.

But what can really create change is when I focus on my own well-being and then radiate that outwards to others which happens on its own when you feel good. It’s not a mental process of sitting and sending it out to anyone or anything, it’s just being in connection with the love inside. That creates by its own accord connection and well-being to those around me without me having to do much about it.

I think Ive always been a very opinionated person and I’m learning to back down and soften, to take everyone’s opinion into account and I’m learning to stay quiet. I’m instead refocusing my energy back home to my own little world. I’m focusing on the life I want to live and how I want to live that life.