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Love Is Always A Choice & So Is Separation

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced in this lifetime of mine a time where the camps of opposite views have ever been louder. Each based in fear and this fear is of course also what creates this urgency and loudness.

One of the lessons that I took from 2020 was that I can’t change anyone else and I can’t change the choices that people make. Trying to change or even bluntly trying to save people that hasn’t asked to be saved only takes energy and leaves me drained.

But what can really create change is when I focus on my own well-being and then radiate that outwards to others which happens on its own when you feel good. It’s not a mental process of sitting and sending it out to anyone or anything, it’s just being in connection with the love inside. That creates by its own accord connection and well-being to those around me without me having to do much about it.

I think Ive always been a very opinionated person and I’m learning to back down and soften, to take everyone’s opinion into account and I’m learning to stay quiet. I’m instead refocusing my energy back home to my own little world. I’m focusing on the life I want to live and how I want to live that life.

When I came up to the Sacred Valley about a month and half ago the calling to start gardening and to learn to grow my own food was so loud and now I’ve somehow manifested a very small piece of land that I can start growing a few things on. I’m slowly connecting with the community here in the Valley and I’m coming down to the very basic of how I want to spend my days. What I want to eat? How do I want to spend my time? What hobbies do I want to cultivate? What skills do I want to learn? Who do I want to spend time with?

I‘ve started to write the morning pages again, which for those that don’t know it is a process of free hand writing 3 pages as soon as you wake up. It bridges the conscious mind with our subconscious mind, it bridges our dreaming self with our awake daily conscious self. It’s a method that I learned from Julia Cameron that wrote the Artists Way a book that helps us to unlock our creative potential. I also started reading and doing the exercises in that book and I love it. I did it back in 2014 and it changed my life in many ways and I think it’s a great book for just getting to know yourself again.

Since I’ve had very little internet the last few years in the jungle I’m also trying to get back to communicating with you all again and to find my own authentic voice again. I’ve learned that we have to make space and time for the muse to show up and the morning pages and reading the Artists Way which is really a internal 3 month (12 week) course in creative self discovery is really helping me to start writing again and I’m filled with so much inspiration to create. Not just to write but to start knitting my own clothes and to start painting and drawing again. And to garden and to sing and play the guitar and to dance and well I’m just buzzing with creative energy right now.

So I wanted to share that since I think being in a creative flows is one of the juiciest spaces to be and there’s an inner joy that comes from being in the creative flow which really is being very close to Source.

That’s what I realized the last few months is that I can choose to focus on the separation in the world or I can focus on my own personal joy and from that space create the world I want to live in. I hope that this message, this blog post finds you well and I hope that you can find the love for creating your persFEven

Even if you are in a lockdown you can still cultivate your hobbies and you can create those things that brings joy to your heart. If you don’t know what that is then I highly recommend reading Julia Cameron’s book, we are all creative in our own way and maybe you just haven’t found yours yet... ❤️

Much Love and happy reconnecting, Kristina


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