How To Let Go

One of the greatest skills that you could ever acquire is the ability to be able to let go at will. To be able to release a negative feeling, to be able to release a negative thought form, a negative habit, a negative perspective. Anything really that we feel is weighing us down, everything that is blocking us from our full expression in whatever form that may be.

Letting go is really at the centre of any healing or spiritual evolution. Nothing can be achieved unless you let go and surrender. Its the most important teaching. When we mastered the ability to let go, then we have mastered the experience of impermanence as the only thing constant in life is change. The ability to let go thus become the ability to let go of attachment. The more detached we can become to specific desires and expectations, the more detached we can become to sufferings and pain.

Now how do you do it?

I have a few techniques that I want to share with you. These are the techniques that has worked for me. If you find something that is working better for you then continue using that method but I advice to always be curious and try new things, new methods. You can always go back to old tried methods if the new ones don’t work as well as the old one did. Either way you’ll go back with added knowledge.                                                                           * * *

The steps to release anything is as follows: