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Are You Addicted To Fear & Worry?

Do you have a habit of expressing everything that is wrong with the world? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction by expressing what is wrong?

It's interesting to read about how we can be hijacked and addicted to certain hormones. The hormones may not feel good at all but because they feel familiar to us we like to be in that space. We may feel empowered by the rush of hormones that rushes through us after we have focused intensely on what is wrong with ourselves, with the world or maybe just someone else.

It's addictive to be a victim and many of us are addicted to our own misery.

It takes a lot of effort to change how we perceive the world and it takes a lot of time to reprogram our nervous system so that we will start to think different thoughts naturally, without effort.

Have you ever heard people complain of how busy they are or how hard something is, yet they keep living the same life. The complaining is almost like a badge of honour. In many ways it's an energetic structure that they have created (within) that makes them feel at home, and with 'home' I mean, what is known.

Yet it is an addiction. It's an addiction to a way of being. It's an identity of suffering and in many ways we all have it to lesser or greater degrees.

We can change the world but it will only happen from within. It will never change through finger pointing and complaining. It will never change through fear. It will only change through love. That we have to become the love, from within and that encompasses great acceptance and great compassion.

We are in a time of great change, we are in a time where our inner self is screaming for us to look within. Yet what I find the most challenging for people is that they need to take responsibility for their inner world. All the good, bad and the ugly.

We can only change our mind through repetition and through daily adjustments. Which requires immense responsibility and accountability.

- Why do I feel the way I feel? - What am I thinking?

Change the way you are thinking and the world around you will change. You will attract different people, different circumstances and you will perceive the world completely differently. Your life will change.

I've in the recent months been pushing for an internal shift in places where I felt stagnant and stuck. Through immense presence within and full responsibility for my own creation I have shifted certain thought patterns yet what I also found is that it brought up a whole lot that doesn't feel good. Those were the stagnant energies that needed to come up to be cleared so that I could move through the stagnancy. It didn't feel good, in fact it felt at times as if I was failing. That I couldn't make the change and then as I persisted being present within these energies, they finally lifted and I was in a much lighter and freer state of being. I came through.

Change requires us to meet discomfort within. Change starts from within.

One curious thing that I noticed while changing my thoughts, (using redirection and affirmations as my main tools), was that I started craving healthier foods which wasn't something that I was focused on changing to begin with. I've also become more organised and have much more clarity which is also by products of simply changing parts of my mind.

Take responsibility for your mind, take responsibility for your fears and your judgements. What you focus on increases and expands. See your judgements as something that is calling you to look within. That there is something within you that creates a distorted perception of reality. Because the truth is Love. That means that everything that is not love is an illusion.

If you want to connect with divinity, you have to see divinity in ALL. No exceptions. It is all God. It is all love. From that perspective, everything changes.

Much Much Love,


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