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About Having An Ego - The Game Of Life

Throughout my work I sometimes work with other healers, shamans and what nots. I have again and again been told that whatever I'm going through, whatever I'm purging through my own healing journey isn't my own. That its somehow stuff that I've picked up from others through my work. (We're talking negative energies here just to clarify.)

The thing is this whole idea that we're picking up stuff from others and that its not ours got to stop. Its a dual perspective very much based in the 3D.

Everyone I meet, everyone I pass on this journey is a reflection of who I am at that moment of time. Its the expression of divine in form as we all are. Whatever I may or may not pick up from others are picked up because it resonates within some sort of encoding, imprint that I already have within me. I cannot pick up anything, what we do is that we duplicate it, we recreate within ourselves (if we pick up others energies) whatever it may be because we believe ourselves to be worthy of 'that'.

The idea that you can take medicine any medicine Ayahuasca, Peyote, DMT anything to fix ourselves without needing to do the work is the greatest fallacy you can ever be trapped in. You will always need to do the work. There's no 'end' to this journey. Home is Now, home is Here.

If you're like me in the healing arts, if you are working in the field of ascension in whatever form you will always become a part of who you work with. Simple because the other is always You. You will always be in the fast track of ascension because you're helping others to ascend and as such you will purge lots under very short periods of time, continuously, all the time until yes you reach the 'final' liberation.

You don't pick up others stuff or energies, you become activated so that you can clear whatever that you hold within that's not You, that's not the truth of what you really are. Which is pure Love. There are many tools that you may use to clear energies because no I'm not saying that they are not there. But we are much more powerful than we think we are and we are currently going through one of the rapidest ascensions that have been known through eons of time so the purge is ON. Its a collective purge its a inter dimensional purge and we are ALL a part of this. It has to happen for the light to take new form as it will.

As soon as we claim ownership of what's happening within ourselves. As soon as we step in to our own true power and acknowledge that most of the crap that we feel is actually our own and that we are just being triggered to release it, the easier this whole process will become. If we instead of focusing of what the others are doing or feeling or how their energy is affecting ours. If we instead focus on 'cleaning' our own house the sooner we'll transcend whatever that we're hold within that's calling this experience of 'bad' energies to be resolved.

Much Love!


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