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A little update

This year has been very intense in many ways and I’m sure many of you have been feeling maybe challenged by the changes in the world.

I’ve been living in the jungle most of the year with little but enough access to internet to be able to have sessions and to continue my work. Living as I do in nature is quite extraordinary and parts of me wonders if I’ll ever be truly at home anywhere else? I’m renting a small leaf thatched house next to the boiling river with my partner. It’s about 20 minute boat ride plus a half an hour walk into the jungle to get to our house from the nearest village.

So very secluded and right into the heart of the jungle. The area around the boiling river is also more protected than other areas of the Amazon so many big trees and a lot of wilderness around us.

Our house has net screens for windows but there’s no doors and so we are always feeling the breeze or the lack of breeze at times as were just coming out of the peak of the dry season. We walk barefoot almost everywhere unless we go for longer hikes. We bathe in the boiling river and wash our clothes and get most of our water as well from the river.

It might seem primitive but we really have everything we need out there and living so intimately with nature is absolutely amazing. I haven’t worked much with master plant medicines such as Ayahuasca in the last few months but I’ve noticed immense inner changes just by being immersed in nature and I should add that my partner who is a very powerful energetic being has also helped me immensely this year in more ways than I can say.

That being said, I did do a very intense Chiricahua Sanago dieta in April/May and that changed everything, it led me to leave the centre where I’ve been living and to start looking for other teachers and healers that I can learn more from. What happened at Los Cielos (the centre where I’ve been living) was that during the Chiric dieta I found out through the plant telling me that my then teacher and shaman Rocio had manipulated with my field without my knowing and had put an energetic implant in me that put me in servitude to her which of course is black magic and not ok at all. After the implant was pulled out my entire relationship was changed to her and to Los Cielos the centre and the people that owns it. I used to be immensely devoted to them and that disappeared in one night by the help of Chiric Sanango. It’s unfortunate but at the same time, I feel grateful for what I learned and I’m happy to have moved on to something else. And again I learned that the true teachers are really the PLANTS.

When we first arrived to the boiling river I was pretty emotionally exhausted and I’ve been resting a lot but also enjoying eating and enjoying to not be in a dieta and in a strict protocol right now. My guidance since the beginning of the year has been to rest to create. I thought that maybe I was going to create a thing or a course or something into physical form to share or something like that. But what I’ve come to understand is that I’m asked to rest to create a new world. We all are..

The boiling river is a 6 kilometer long river that scientist can’t really explain but the very hot water comes from inside of earth and flows along this river path in the jungle. It’s completely unique for the Amazon and it feels like stepping into love. The warm water has also helped me to straighten out my spine. It’s been going on for a while now that my spine has slowly slowly been cracking itself into place. But the last few months have been super intense and my spine is really straightening out quickly. I used to always have a bad posture, I was always the tallest girl in school and I was a head over everyone else and I don’t think I liked being tall until I was a teenager so I tried to subconsciously make myself smaller. I also believe that how our spine is shaped is also much deeper than this lifetime...

Unfolding the spine has been super intense and even though not physically painful it’s quite an uncomfortable process needing to constantly crack your back and neck into place. Though I think I’m finally at the other side of the worst. My neck is almost straight now the two vertebrease in my neck that used to stand out about a centimeter each don’t anymore. My shoulders, my chest, my belly, everything has changed, it’s an extremely interesting process to experience. This unfolding of a higher intelligence. My body knows how to unfold and heal itself, I’m just here to give it what it needs to be able to do its job.

As the vertebrae’s have come into alignment again as well, it’s been huge activations of light and at times feeling like I need to physically purge because of the intensity the clearing. As the vertebrae’s align they reconnect and it feels like that before my head wasn’t really connected to my body. Also the inter-connectedness of the spine and how a misalignment in the spine affects our entire energy field. It’s so cool.

Ok I just wanted to write a little update about my year since I’ve been very quite. I also want to remind you to be gentle with yourself in this big transition. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from God, Source, Love, your angels, the ascended masters, Pachamama or whatever feels right for you. But when you find yourself in a difficult challenging situation. Pray to stay in your heart, pray to stay in your heart. Often when we feel challenged we will subconsciously close down our heart to “protect” ourselves but that creates separation and separation means suffering so the best that you can stay in your heart and make decisions from your heart. This is a great time of softening..

So Much Love beautiful being,



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Allan McLachlin
Allan McLachlin
23 oct 2020

What a wild read! What a wild earth. Glad you ended up in such a beautiful place- with old trees as well!! That must have been really tough with Los Cielos, thank you for your truth though. - & Thank you especially for the last few sentences! They were stunning to read, honestly. I had not yet witnessed this internal event, so perhaps this will help me as challenges (re)occur. Love & Gratitude

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It's great to hear from you about what you've been up to lately. Kind of a cool coincidence since I was thinking about sending you a message today!

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