The Cure Is Love

Wherever there is resistance to Love, wherever there is judgement there is fear and the only cure is Love. 

By simple sitting with our own resistance to Love and the fear of being vulnerable, the fear of not being accepted, of not being Loved, of not being cherished by others. The constant search for external Love and approval.

We have been taught to look for Love outside of ourselves but if we allow the lack of Love we feel inside of ourselves to be filled by our own Love webecome fulfilled from within.

We just need to locate the feeling of lack within ourselves, or maybe we can find it within a thought pattern that is making us feel lonely and unloved. If we ask that space within ourselves to be filled by Love, yes we just need to ask. It will be filled. But allow yourself to feel uncomfortable as the feeling in resistance, the feeling of being in lack of Love needs to be felt so that it can be transformed and transmuted

You are your own healer. :)

​So Much Love!

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