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The 12th and final class of the Light Body Activation Course.


How we move forward following the course, how we can continue to open up to hold more light, to stand more and more in our own truth. Allowing ourselves to become more of who we truly are and allowing that expression to come freely and unobstructed. Allowing ourselves to shine from inside out as we are, at each and every moment.

We also go into the difference between working on healing our own self and working with others. How we can "protect" ourselves from negative energies? How can we continue to let go of limiting beliefs and fears? How do we work with our ancestral lineage? How do we recognize when something is not serving our higher Self? How do we create new encodings and programmings within us that serves our highest expression of light and Love? How do we allow more and more of the Divine Love into our beingness?

12. Final Class - Working With Light

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