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Creating Money - Attracting Abundance & Prosperity


1. Facing Your Limiting Beliefs


Now first of all we need to look as some limiting beliefs of why you may feel that this sort of game is not spiritual. That its based on greed, capitalism and overconsumption. Not saying that you do but that you might.


Because often when I talk or write about abundance or about being a creator, a manifestor. I get comments that its not spiritual, that its not ‘pure’. That I shouldn’t talk about these things. That I should stay with the "purely spiritual" topics such as enlightenment and healing etc. 


But the thing is and this is true no matter where you are. I mean no matter in what realm you’ll be, the lowest to the highest, you’ll be manifesting something. Because its what you are. Its what we do. 24/7, all the time.


We’re just not aware of it. It can be frustrating because we manifest based on our own belief systems so we may manifest all the things that we don’t want. And we may become frightened when we hear that we are manifesting this reality and then feeling the weight of that responsibility.. Yet none the less we still manifest our own reality 24/7.


We cannot not manifest it. That would mean that we don’t have free will and  that someone is controlling our reality. But that is not the truth. Though we can easily be manipulated by our external reality. But you have to understand that you allow yourselves to be manipulated, its a choice, knowingly or unknowingly that you can also choose to un-choose as you become aware that its your own choice whether you choose to still listen to inner limitations and fears.


2. Our Subconscious Programming 

We allow ourselves to be mind programmed all the time. We have deep seated fears and limitations from our childhood, from the culture that we grew up in. The society and its news, movies, song lyrics, you name it. We are constantly fed the idea of lack.


That there isn’t enough for everybody. 


Not just about money, but there isn’t enough Love. So if your partner loves someone else that’s bad because that somehow means that you would be in lack. But is that really true? Can one person not love more than two people? Actually in my own experience I found that the more people you love the more your heart expands and all the suddenly your love is deeper and much more expansive. That there’s actually no end to Love.


This is an infinite creation that we live in and we are infinite creators.


Ultimately most of the conflicts on this planet stem from the idea of lack. That we have to fight over our resources.


Energetically we may fight with our partners and friends over energy. We may feel jealous that our partner or our friends spend time with others and not with us. We may fear that they love others and not us. So we want to control and possess them because we have the fear of lack. That there isn’t enough.


3. Time & Space

Now we live in a realm that experience time and space. So we have some interesting limitations that we need to play around with. True. But know that since these concepts of time and space doesn’t really exist we can bend ourselves through them. Meaning don’t get stuck on the idea of time and the constant lack of time for example. 


Time is elastic. Creation is elastic.


Have you ever experienced timelessness? Often in states of Love or in deep concentration we can experience timelessness. We lose our sense of time and space.


Or how 5 minutes doing something dreadful and boring can feel like an eternity (or when waiting for something really exciting..) yet when we are hanging out with our best friend or lover, time seems to pass faster than what could ever be possible. So time is relative because its a part of our own creation.

4. Elastic Mindset - Change The Idea Of What Is Possible

You will find that as we go through these 15 days together that we will bend our own perspective. We will look deeply at our own belief system and see what we want to keep and what we want to let go of.


The whole idea with this email series is for you to open your mind to what could be possible.


As we go through life, we learn the limitations of our reality, of the reality as we know it and we stop trying to see what might be on the other side. What might be possible. Simply because we know nothing else. If there even could be something more on the other side. We surrender or we simply give up to what Is. We stop believing that we could have more. We stop fantasising and we stop daydreaming because we become afraid of getting disappointed or we have just simply given up that life could ever even be different. We settle for what Is.


When we stop fantasising and when we stop daydreaming we stop a huge part of our creative self. Because its through our daydreaming and our ability to visualise in our inner mind that we are given ideas and inspiration of the life that we could live. Of the infinite possibilities that you can have as an infinite eternal being experiencing yourself as a human in physical form.


So in this game, we are going to bend reality. We are going to open up to the idea of infinity, of expansion, of wealth, of abundance and how rich life could possibly be.

"Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it."  Bashar

5. True Mind Games - Playing The Game Of Life

We are going to play with money as our tool. We are going to imagine that we every day receive a certain amount of money that we have to spend that day. Yes you have to spend the whole sum.


You can spend it at whatever you like. There are no limitations, it has to be within your budget of course. But every little dime of that check that you’ll receive needs to be spent that day.


The checks are going to become larger and larger by each passing day. Yet you will have to spend it all until the next check arrives.


You are allowed to spend it on charity of course and anything and everything that you can think of.


So here’s a good chance to imagine what you would/could do with unlimited flow of cash. What are all the things that you have wanted to do but haven’t done because you felt that you could never afford it. Now is your chance to expand your mind.


Go crazy, have fun! Play with it. Remember this is a game. Its supposed to be FUN.


Yet this ‘game’ may bring up a lot of fears and doubts and feelings that you may have about money and about spending. They may be coming even now as you’re reading these words. 


So take the time to sit with them. Feel them. Feel them all and don’t judge yourself, just observe what's coming up for you to be seen. Because the only way to heal them, is to feel them.


6. Healing An Addiction To Lack

We’re going to go through some exercises that will bring some healing balm to some unhealed wounds in relation to abundance and wealth.


As we start to imagine ourselves having more, we may receive ideas on how to create more in our life. We may get business ideas. We may want to start cleaning up our lives so we have more organisation, more structure. We may want to become more conscious of how we spend our money and how we relate to money. 

Because ultimately money is energy, and energy is God, its creation itself. So can we align our money values with the highest? Can we align our relationship with money through all the chakras? Can we connect our root with our crown and align our whole field in unison with the highest?


We are shamelessly going to heal our relationship to money. Because truly I believe that if we all lived in an unlimited world then no one would live in lack. We would share freely and everyone would have enough.


So are you excited yet? I know I am.

Not only are you going to receive a fictional check every day, you're also going to receive meditations and different exercises to face your limiting beliefs about lack and limitations.


We are going to look into how to open up to greater personal creative expressions and what abundance may mean to you beyond monetary terms. Because opening up to true abundance involves much more than just receiving more money. 


So excited to go on this journey with you for the next 15 days.


I can’t wait to hear what you will experience through these next 15 days together. So please do share and please take the time every day to really sit down and make a conscious effort to spend all this fictional money.

Remember everything starts with a thought, an idea and so as we expand to what's possible. We open up to new possibilities. We open up for the universe to give us new ideas and new opportunities to expand our creation.


There’s no limit to your creation.. its all yours.


With All My Love,


Ps. If you haven't signed up to this email series please do so here.

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