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My name is Kristina, I am a Healer who opened up to metaphysical gifts through a profound spiritual experience where I opened my third eye and experienced a full Kundalini Awakening. Afterward, I could feel how other people felt intimately and I could also go inside their energetic bodies with my mind and clear out blockages and open up energetic pathways only with my mind as a tool.

By blockages I mean all negative thoughts and emotions that we have stored in our energetic self that doesn’t allow the flow of energy to properly run through. These blockages create stagnancy and imbalance which later will be shown as physical, mental, and emotional imbalance and disease.

​I help you remove energetic blockages from your energy body and activate your energy centers, and your chakras throughout your physical and energetic self.

The session starts with me asking you if you have any specific issues that you would like me to work on, allowing me to read you energetically as you speak. Allowing you to set your intention for the session. My intention in all healing sessions is to help you open up so that the energy can run through your being freely from the top of your crown, down your body, down your legs, and into the ground.  


As you loosen and dissolve the physical and psychological knots that bind your body and mind, you are enlarging your capacity to channel the energy of life. Creative life energy will flow through you more easily, with greater volume and power and as it does, you will experience more ease and less disease, feeling and becoming more alive. You will become increasingly peaceful inside, less conflicted and you will experience yourself clearly as a uniquely beautiful expression of the creative God Force.

​The session will start with me asking you to lie down and relax but to remain conscious, the whole session is done through telepathic transmission but you will be able to feel the energies moving as you let go of everything that doesn't serve you. 

Before I begin I will ask for permission to enter your energy body, and as I tune into your energy body I will have an open discussion with you about what blockages, thought forms, and images I receive, at the same time as I am opening energetic pathways and removing the blockages for you. I will also activate different centers of your brain, different glands, and organs throughout your being so that they will function at their optimum capacity. As well as activating their energetic counterparts throughout your energetic and physical Self.


In the end, when I feel that you are balanced and that the energy is running freely throughout your being, I will close the ‘circuits’ between us. The healing will continue long after the session is over and the new encodings and new programmings that you have received will continue to activate your light body to its optimum capacity. That means that you will continue to shed everything that is not in alignment with your Higher Self, with your greatest joy and well-being. So you will continue to open up to more Love and Light, allowing you to start to shine from the inside out.

​All healing sessions are done over WhatsApp long-distance as I only need to be permitted to enter your energy field to be able to do my work and I can do so from anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions please check out my FAQ page!

How to prepare yourself for a session.

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About Kristina

I am a healer and a light body activator, I opened up my third eye and had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in 2011 and after that I have experienced my reality as energy. 


With the awakening came the ability to heal others by connecting to their energy field and aligning their chakras and meridians.


I only work with love, I only work with God.

Read more about me here


"Thank you so much for today, I almost can't stop giggling with both relief & delight at how different I feel from the beginning of our time together today to now. I'm so grateful to you & for the work that you do. 🙏🏼"


❤️ Becky

"Kristina, for eternity I will not forget what you have done for me, you truly are a walking miracle. I can't thank you enough. You have given my life back. You're amazing 🤗 you said you were good at what you do. Not just good. Stupendously amazing. God bless you."

❤️ Wayne

"Dear Kristina, You are an amazing person with a very special gift of healing. I am blessed to have met you. Thank you for your time. My heart is filled with courage to face what the future has ahead of me. My world has more colour because of you. Thank you."


❤️ Gavin

"Aloha Kristina,

I feel So Good today!! I can breathe deeper, I feel clear headed and lighter, the heaviness and stiffness around my head neck shoulders is gone, the pain in my mid back is gone which was with me a long time, and I feel more positive.


Yesterday after our session I was very tired and took it easy. I felt the huge energy work you did while you worked on me. I am So grateful to receive this healing...the best. You are an earth angel with an amazing gift. I Thank you and the Universe for this session.

Love and gratitude"

❤️ Amy

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