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Healing Divinity

Awaken To Your Inner Divinity


Are you feeling heavy, sad or depressed? Do you have anger you can't let go of?

Past relationships that you have trouble letting go of?

Or do you have physical problems that you don't understand?

Everything is energy and through your own light body you can heal all aspects of your being.

My name is Kristina, I work as a healer after having a profound spiritual awakening in 2011 where I opened my third eye and have since been able to feel and see into others to help them transcend their pain and to heal. To help them awaken their own inner Divine light.

I offer long distance energetic healing sessions where I help you open up your own inner energetic channels and chakras to create greater alignment inside.


To create harmony and balance in your energy field.


To help you open up your own capacity to hold more light, more energy in your own field.

I only work with God, with Love and with Your Higher Self. Your higher Self shows me where your blockages are and where I need to go with my awareness to help open up the flow of energy again. The healing process is really a process of remembering again. 

All blockages are places within ourselves that has forgotten it is Divine. Where the light may have dimmed, where we may have carried pain and thus the light has been buried underneath these other energies. When we hold our awareness of love within any pain, the pain dissolves and the light comes through from within. That is the simple process of healing.

I work internationally with the entire world as I don't need to be in the same physical location as my client to be able to work with their energy field. I just need to be given the permission to enter their field to be able to do my work. Time and space don't apply.

About Kristina

I opened up my third eye and had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in 2011 and after that I've experienced my reality as energy and with the awakening came the ability to heal others by connecting to their energy field and aligning their chakras and meridians.


I only work with love, I only work with God.

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"Kristina, for eternity I will not forget what you have done for me, you truly are a walking miracle. I can't thank you enough. You have given my life back. You're amazing 🤗 you said you were good at what you do. Not just good. Stupendously amazing. God bless you."


"Dear Kristina, You are an amazing person with a very special gift of healing. I am blessed to have met you. Thank you for your time. My heart is filled with courage to face what the future has ahead of me. My world has more colour because of you. Thank you."



"Aloha Kristina,

I feel So Good today!! I can breathe deeper, I feel clear headed and lighter, the heaviness and stiffness around my head neck shoulders is gone, the pain in my mid back is gone which was with me a long time, and I feel more positive.


Yesterday after our session I was very tired and took it easy. I felt the huge energy work you did while you worked on me. I am So grateful to receive this healing...the best. You are an earth angel with an amazing gift. I Thank you and the Universe for this session.

Love and gratitude"

Amy, Honululu, Hawaii

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