Sunday Healing Circle | Healing Divinity | Satya'Naat

I've been called to offer a new kind of service with you all. It's a collective group healing that will take place every Sunday. Those that want to join me just need to sign up above.


The monthly cost to join is US$10


The healing will take place every Sunday because it's the most quiet day of the week for most people. You don't need to do anything per se as you receive the healing. But I highly recommend to set your own intentions each week and taking the time to connect with the eternal light within.


I will be given different areas to work on depending on who is a part of the group and the collective as well as individual needs will be included. Spirit has shown me that I will work on a collective light body through which everyone in the group is connected to and from there you receive the healing. That means that you are protected to receive anyones negative energy yet you will receive all the benefits of working together in a group.

Each Sunday evening at 6 pm local time wherever I am, I will sit down and hold the space for your healing for one hour. 

As always I only work with Source through Love.

Much Love,


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