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I had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in January 2011 when I was meditating at home. There was a light that opened up in my inner eye and I was asked from within if I wanted to know and since I’ve always been a very curious person I said yes, I want to know. At that moment the light expanded and I opened my third eye. It felt like my entire head was cut through by light and then I was in the greatest bliss of my entire life. It’s an experience that’s beyond words. In this experience I knew that everything was love and that I would never die. That death doesn’t exist, that only love does.

At some point in my experience I felt into my body and I wasn’t breathing and my heart wasn’t beating yet I was more alive than I ever felt in my entire life. After about maybe 30-45 minutes I came down back into my physical body again and from that moment on everything had changed.

After this profound experience I could not only feel what other people felt inside but also move the energies and the chakras that I felt in others. I also felt enormous amounts of energy streaming through my entire being, radiating outwards and I learned how I could channel the energy to others, both through my hands as well as through my mind at a long distance where the receiving person could be located on the other side of the world. The knowledge of healing was coming from within.

Kristina Olsson

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