Your Will - Gods Will

Have you heard the expression to give your will to God? To surrender your will to God.

Its a beautiful offering and I encourage it strongly but you also have to understand that you have to work WITH God. No one is going to come and pick you up out of bed. You have to do that yourself.

You can be shown the way but you have to walk it. You'll be walking with God. Yet you have to take the step.

Just as the Divine Love is always available to us but we have to open up to receive it. We have to let it in. 

We can study spirituality and different practices for years and years but unless we actually practice what we study then there's not going to be much difference.

Many ask me what method that they should try to awaken and I say pick one or pick three but DO THEM. The path inwards is simple. The methods are endless. 

What should you focus on? Which one should you pick?