You Are Light

One of the greatest changes that I can see within myself from having come into my body properly or having become grounded.. is that I don't mind talking about what's wrong.

Let me explain what I mean with that, in many spiritual belief systems we should not focus on what is wrong because we don't want to manifest that by placing our attention to what is 'wrong'.

Have you ever heard a neo-tantric or law of attraction cultist explain that they don't complain about the state of the world because they believe themselves to be contributing to the problem by noticing that there's a 'problem'.

Thus according to them if we focus on our inner peace we create peace around us. Which is of course true.


And its a big BUT.

If we continuously ignore what's 'wrong', if we continue to focus on only what is right we are actually living in denial. The fear of actually seeing the 'problem' is blocking us from ever resolving it.

We can only heal through attention. Its very basic.

That means that we also have to awaken to the shadows within as well as the shadows manifested into our reality.

Ignoring what's going on in the world is not creating peace. That's just avoidance. Spiritual avoidance.

Where we place our attention is where we shine our light, the only way to heal is by and through our collective attention to what is 'wrong'. Don't be afraid of the shadow, the light is so much more powerful. Light will always transcend the shadow. ​ You Are Light.

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