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Write Your Own Life Story

I've recently started channeling different light beings and so far I'm only channeling for friends and people that I'm close to, I doubt it will be something that I will do professionally other than the guidance that comes through my healing sessions.

So channeling literally means that I allow a light being to enter me and my energy field and speak through me. Recently I had a really powerful channeling session with one of my very dear friends. I want to share some of the messages that came through as it was very powerful and it resonated with both of us on many levels.

My friend had to make a decision and she wanted to know what option was the best one for her. The answer that came through was that both options would lead her to the light and in the end it was what SHE wanted that mattered.

Again and again the guide was telling (I was channelling a group of light beings that called themselves the Confederation of Light) that this was HER life and it was HER experience. That she was the one to choose her journey, her path and that she needed to trust herself. That instead of pleasing others or making choices that other agreed upon she needed to listen to herself.

What also came through strongly is that even though we may have chosen to experience certain events in this life and we may have contracts with people that we are supposed to engage with for certain life lessons, we are at the same time continuously writing our own book of life.

This is YOUR story, not anyone else's. This is YOUR life. Make it what you want it to be. Don't look to deep in to astrology or others predictions or premonitions. Trust yourself and in the end, ask yourself: What do I want to experience? Then go do that!! The only thing limiting you is your mind and how far your imagination can go. Good luck creating your most exciting life ever! 


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