Working With Ayahuasca

Updated: Feb 25

Every time I try to write about my experiences with Ayahuasca I feel that I fall short. Its like a tumultuous passionate love relationship that is so hard to define. I love Ayahuasca and I love working with Ayahuasca, how she transforms me, how she has transformed me in all the best ways. Yet to describe her and my relationship with this extraordinary plant medicine teacher is hard.

When I first went to the Amazon to work with her in August 2014 I never thought that I would end up working with her so deeply as I have. I had worked with many plant medicines before I started to work with Ayahuasca yet I never worked with another plant this consistently and as many times as I have with Ayahuasca.

I don't remember the first time that I realised that I was a Shaman. That this was my path above all other paths. Maybe after my journey with Peyote? Maybe when I was about to embark on a course in Tantra and I felt that the plants were calling me so much more. Maybe I've always known. I don't know.

Ayahuasca is a deep and intimate relationship. Its not just a plant to me, its a spirit, a highly evolved spirit that helps me open up and evolve. Its my teacher, my friend and my own personal healer. She shows me parts of myself that I didn't know was there. She shows me skills and abilities that I didn't know I had. She has given me confidence in myself and shown me how beautiful and how extraordinary it can be to be human.

The most important work has maybe been to take me to the places that I didn't want to go. She has shown me the places deep inside of myself where I didn't want to open up. The places where I was very comfortable being shut down. The places where I preferred to be blocked.