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When We Are Unable To Let Go

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

When we work with deeper set patterns or wounds sometimes its not so easy to just let go and this can be extremely frustrating. We may have been able to let go of certain layers of the issue but it may be more like peeling an onion were the issue keeps bouncing back up again and again. The core of the issue is never really cleared.

When we come upon these sort of "never-ending" blockages I found that the best way to approach them is deep acceptance. Its really the only way. We have to accept that we are where we are and stop trying to change it. We just need to let go of the need to let go.

So how do we do this?

We simple allow ourselves to be where we are. We become aware of all need and patterns to change where we are and simple observe them. You do this by simply stepping back and watching your thoughts, feeling your feelings and let it be. Just let it be. Allow yourself to feel and witness everything that you are feeling. Be kind with yourself and release all judgements of where you should be at this time and that you “should” have worked through this by now or that you should be dealing with this better or whatever it is that’s coming up.

Just let it be.

You can breathe in to that area of discomfort and you may just simple sit with that area of discomfort within. Just let it be.

The great thing with life is that everything is ever changing so even the worst days are also passing but we got to create the space for movement and the only way to do that is to step back.

Release the need to control.

Imagine a room without any windows with the door closed, there’s not a lot of movement or air coming through. Yet on the other hand a room filled with many windows open wide can hold a great movement flowing through. You want to be like the room filled with open windows and let the wind (the energy) move through. The only way to do that is let go of the need to control how you “should” feel even how you want to feel and just be. Let it move through. Let it stay for a visit if it needs to and let it be there.

Often when we rush our own healing, when we just want to be done and these issues keeps coming back in a new way and a new form. Well there’s a reason its coming again.

Somehow we missed the message the first, second.. third(?) or fourth(?) time. So if we just rush through this time again its not seldom it will come back again and again and again. So allow this time to listen.

Allow this uncomfortable visitor to be and listen beyond the minds chatter and allow it to be. You will find that there’s an immense wisdom that’s hiding within that’s just wanting to let it self known.

So let it be. Let it stay for a while. Open the windows open, let go of the attachment to feel good, let go of the attachment to change anything, knowing that when we release the need to control we immediately open up the widows to let the energy move through us and thus sweep us clean from the noise to let the wisdom come through and finally be heard.

So Much Love! 

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