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What You Need To Do To Have A Spiritual Awakening

It doesn't really matter what we do or what we want to achieve.. everything that we set out to do to manifest also require us to take action. Whether it be opening and activating our chakras or creating a successful business. 

We have to create time in our day to make things happen. It doesn't matter if you read hundreds of spiritual books if you don't apply the principles. It doesn't matter how many hours you meditate if you instead of focusing on the meditation daydream or take a nap.. Yes if your goal was to relax then yes you achieved what you set out to achieve but if you want to activate your chakras, if you want to activate and open your third eye. You need to sit down and do it, you need to sit down and actually focus on your task at hand. Just like with everything else. 

It doesn't matter if you cannot quiet your mind.. you will never be able to quiet your mind unless you try to do so. Your mind is like a muscle, the more you apply any given principle to it, it will develop in that direction. You fill it with junk it will be filled with junk, you let it loose, it will be loose. 

If you meditate and dedicate your time to train your mind to focus and to be able to hold your attention at one spot at the time you will see changes. Every time your mind drifts, gently pull it back, the more often you do this, the greater space there will be between your thoughts and between your unconsciousness. Meditation and the ability to keep your focus is really about becoming aware of your unconsciousness, how your subconscious working behind your conscious mind. Becoming the observer.

Its really simple. Spirituality is simple, there are layers yes! But the laws of the universe aren't that many, we can write thousands upon thousands of books about the same subject over and over. But complicated no. 

It requires dedication just like everything else. If you really want it you will get it. My obsession with healing is relentless, I cannot stop, I have many other passions in my life but I keep falling back to this one, this big one. Healing, spirituality, I cannot get enough. So for me its easier, I love what I do, I love all of this. But through my obsession I am also dedicated. I live and breathe this. This is my life. 

I give you keys, I give you tools they may seem simple but really its what you do with them, they are as powerful as you make them.

Much Love, Kristina

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