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What Is The Difference Between Judgement & Observation?

Whenever I mention that we need to let go of judgement, then someone usually reacts and goes - But how will we make a change if we don't judge what is wrong so that we can change it?

The thing is that if you peel away the layers of your humaneness towards your divinity then there is no judgement in that space. There is only deep unconditional love and deep acceptance to what Is, as it is.

The miracles occur when we let go of right and wrong and we focus on love. Through that shift in perspective, we shift our reality and we allow divinity to come through us. Through our own perspective we become miracle makers.

Yet what is judgement? How is it different from observance?

Judgement always has an emotional charge to it. Whether it is outrage or anger or sadness.. It has an emotional component to it. It's deeply connected to our ego and to separation, it is deeply connected to right and wrong.

When we observe, we can see and we can hear with great clarity yet there is no emotional attachment, there is no emotional charge to it and there is no feeling that this is wrong or this is right. We can simply see that something doesn't serve. We can see that certain energies, environments, people doesn't serve and so we can remove ourselves from the scene or simply shift our perspective to love and the scene will change by itself.

Judgement only comes with an emotional charge and this emotional charge is what you need to look at. What emotions are coming through? Because that is what wants to be healed. Not in who you're judging, but within You.

When we can look at the emotional charge which we are surfing the waves of, the hormonal cocktail that comes through as we make judgements. It may feel familiar and comfortable and maybe you can even find an emotional connection with someone else through sharing your judgement about the world and to have someone else affirm your own judgement as true. Ahhh feels so good doesn't it. Like the most human about us all. We judge. We separate and yet somehow we can find "connection" through the idea of separation. Of them versus us.

When we can find these patterns, whether it's judging the world, or politics or relationships, or our neighbours.. we must have great compassion for ourselves and simply ask to let go of this judgement. Give it to God. Let it go. Ask for a better perspective. Ask for a true perspective. Ask to see the world through the eyes of love.

When we come from that place, we can act. We can move mountains. Things shift in our path, things shift within. Things get resolved on their own. That't the miracle of love.

Everything, everything that you react to is a guidance to turn within. It's not about them. It's never ever about them. It's always about you. For me it can take time and deep unfolding to understand what it is that I'm reacting to that has to do with me. Yet in the end, every judgement I ever have made has always been about me. It has always been showing me some sort of distortion of reality which I have created.

Observation is open, free, unattached and loving. Judgement is always closed, fixed, attached and unloving. Judgment thinks it knows better, observation is trusting that all is well and can rest in God, in Love. Observations is open to the idea that maybe I don't see everything to understand all so therefore I'm staying open to know more, to see more, to understand more. It takes the ego out of the situation. Observation sees from a much higher perspective of unity, through the place where the only thing that is true is Love.

So Much Love,


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