What Do You Want?

We are not meant to know our future, it takes away the mystery of each moment, the mystery of life. As we trust and let go of the need to know. Instead following our inner guidance from moment to moment, we open up to the power inherent in the Now. Its only in the Now that we can connect to Source, as soon as we connect to the past, what was or the future, what could be.. We disconnect and instead become entranced by what the Hindus call Maya, the great illusion. 

Its only in the present moment in the stillness of within that we can connect to Source and become One with All That Is. Its only in the moment of Now that we can connect to our intuition, our inner guidance. 

I’ve had many vivid dreams where I have believed to see the ‘future’ because in the past many of my dreams have afterwards came to be. But I also realize that the dreams that I had was just glimpses of a possible future moment. But there will always be many more. Lately I’ve had so many vivid dreams and they’ve all been of different scenarios, with different people at different times and locations. This constant need of mine for someone preferably higher power to tell me what to do have opened me up to all guidance from every possible place to come down and give ‘their’ input. 

Yet what I come to realize is that in the end its about what I want. The only way to find out what I want is to stop looking and start being. Eventually the need, the desire will dissipate and it will just be. Easy peasy. 

We are our own creators, what we want we will have to create. Or ‘have to’ is a great exaggeration because there are no must, no ‘have to’s’. There just Is.

So the great wonder of wanting to know, of wanting to be, only requires the actions in the direction of your want. That want may c