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Walking In & Out Of Dream Time

As I was walking down the beach here in Olon Ecuador today I was thinking of how little I really share of my life and how much my clients and in general people just surfing in on this blog may benefit from me sharing more of my day to day life. Also sharing a little of my thoughts and never ending pondering, because I ponder and think a lot.. :)

I am in general a very happy person, sunny happy smiling outgoing kind of person but I'm also a seeker and a thinker. I spend so much time in my head sometimes.. and I come up with many great ideas from my thinking but I also had to really learn to be in my body. Not that I'm not connected with my body I am always have been but I've definitely spent more time in my head and outside of my body, in dreamtime or in different realms.

When I first came to Peru and started working with Ayahuasca, my first intention and desire was to learn to have conscious out of body experiences but Ayahuasca told me I already spend so much time outside of my body that I needed to be fully integrated into my body first. Which I'm now grateful for since I never been so present and so in tune with my body as I am now. Before it was not unusual for me to walk into doors with my shoulders or fall over my feet because my mind was somewhere else. Now I cannot remember when this last happened. 

As Ayahuasca brought me deeper into my body she also helped me connect more with the people around me and less with my own dreamworld which is where I spent so much time. 

Maybe I need to clarify what I mean with an out of body experience versus spending time in dream world or in my head.. Having an out of body experience or astral traveling for me is when you consciously leave your body seeing your body from the outside as you leave it.

 But there's many ways of traveling through the mind, another one of them is through dream time, through lucid dreaming where you through a dream take control and consciously direct the dream where you want to go, or you may just enjoy floating in and out of dreams as they happen.. Another way is through daydreaming, going to places within your mind or your imagination and this is a place where I can spend hours and hours. I am definitely that girl with her head in the clouds always have been.

I think its a great skill to have though, to be able not just to vsiualize where you want to be but also be able to create the feeling of being there as if you were there. Often I can create feelings within me that feels amazing and then just float in that feeling. I don't really need to go anywhere in my mind, my mind can be completely quiet but I'm just fully immersed in this feeling of bliss, of absolute contentment. 

So this is an exercise that I would like to share with you, try to create a feeling by visualizing, daydreaming of going to a place or being with a person that you like and then don't get attached to the idea of what you're doing and with whom but hold on to the feeling that it creates within you and then just go deeper within that feeling. Expanding the feeling to encompass your entire physical being. Floating in that state that this 'mind play' creates. Just by doing this you're changing your vibration to match whatever state of being you imagine yourself to be, calling this experience not maybe in the exact form but with the same matching vibration.. Happy daydreaming!

PS. Look out for my next post where I'll share my tips for how to get into your body and out of your head.. Much Love!!

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