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Understanding Myself Through The Gene Keys & Human Design

I've always been deeply fascinated by astrology and I started asking people what sun sign they were from a very early age trying to categorise people in my mind. Trying to see if there were correlations between how some were and how others were not. This is how my mind works all the time, trying to understand.

Then these last couple of years I've added some tools to my tool box, tools that are based on when we are born, the day, month and time yet use systems beyond just astrology.

I came upon Gene Keys back in 2014 and it's been several years of digesting the immense information that this system holds. The Gene Keys is a system developed by Richard Rudd an exquisite channel of Divinity is the best way that I can describe him. I would highly recommend making your own profile on genekeys.com then you need to buy the book The Gene Keys to read further to understand your own personal key. The book The Gene Key is like an enlightened bible. You can open pretty much any page and receive divine guidance, it's as if no words are unaligned or untrue. It's all perfect somehow.

What's really special about this system is that it explains what you are here to learn, it explains your shadows and that from each of our shadows we can grow our own genius and from our genius we can expand into our Siddhi - our enlightened self.

This is a summary of my Gene Key in the Genius Sequence:

My Life's Work - what I’m here to do - Gene Key 4 Your work in the world is to open the minds of others through your ability to show others another way of looking at things. You are also particularly equipped to handle challenging relationships and to assist others in doing so. This is, therefore, likely to be a feature of your life. You also have a sharp and incisive gift of locking in precisely on the truth underlying any given situation, as well as being able to communicate this clearly to others. Because you have a constantly enquiring mind, you need to realise that all the answers you have been gathering for so long were never really intended for you. They are simply building up in a great reservoir for the sake of helping others resolve their questions. Your mind is, therefore, not your means of deciding anything for yourself but is the tool to help others clarify their decisions.

My Evolution - what I’m here to learn - Gene Key 49 Despite your highly astute mind, the real core of your power finds its grounding here in the 49th Gift — in the rebellious surge you feel for freedom and justice. This need to break out of established moulds and to break out of the mind altogether is the balance to your mental alacrity. In many ways your life will manifest the constant interplay between the insights and worries of your mind and the joys and tribulations of your emotions and principles. If you allow yourself to become a victim of mental anxiety, you will find yourself emotionally confused. These two states are intimately linked within you — so that when you feel mentally clear, you cannot be drawn into someone else's emotional drama. Whatever your mind sees, your heart underlines it with revolutionary intent, and this forms the basis of all your actions in the world. The essence of your role is to change the way people think — about themselves, about each other, and about the world at large.

My Radiance - what keeps me healthy - Gene Key 8 You need to find a unique way to express your inner nature in the world. For you, the worst thing in the world is to look like someone else or live in the same way as someone else. Right down to the clothes you wear and your lifestyle, you need to find the materials that fit and suit you, rather than someone else's image of what you look best in. To bring out your most exquisite nature you almost need to wear clothes that no one else has. Everything about your life has to be tailor-made. There is nothing more damaging to you than the mass-produced culture that we live in. You are unique, and your life must express the essence of this uniqueness. This takes considerable courage on your part, because you have to forget the voice in your head and listen to the feeling in your heart.

My Purpose - what deeply fulfils me - Gene Key 14 The purpose of your life is not something that you yourself may ever even notice or care about. In fact, in order for you to fulfil the true purpose of your life, you need to have given up caring what it is. The reason for this is that your purpose is about empowerment — of yourself and others. You have an astounding power hidden within you, and it emerges without your thinking about it, or even knowing it. This sense of power is easily discernible to others, and you may receive great recognition and reward for the energy you expend for the sake of others. Ironically, you have no real agenda for saving the world, but simply enjoy working hard in the direction of your passion. If you happen to help another or empower another, it is a by-product of something you simply did because it felt good to you. This brand of selfishness, which isn't really selfish at all, is the source of your deepest power. Forget all about being powerful and saving others — simply do what you love in life, and the rest will follow.

The second system that I've added to my tool box is Human Design. This is a system that I came across only last year in 2021 so I don't know that much about it. At first I rejected the notion of this system because I didn't like the idea of being a Generator - which I first read was someone that was like a slave to others - that their purpose in life was to give energy to others. Coming out of 2020.. it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear. Yet when I gave it some more consideration I have understood more about this system and how I learned that a generator needs to follow their joy to not become someone that others use. Then the coin dropped. You can create your own free profile on human.design where you also get a brief summary about each centre and what it means to have certain centres open or defined and how it affects your life. The more I'm learning about this system the more I'm understanding that it's a great tool to understand myself and how to better take care of my own needs so that I can be in more harmony with life.

One of the things that I took from Human design is my profile which is 5/1, I'm a Heretic/Investigator - for those that are new to this system it may not say much but what I took from this is that most people don't see me. They project this idea of who they want me to be, this is something I have experienced so many times. That people often put me on a pedestal and then after some time I fall down and I've gone from the best to the worst. From my point of view I have done very little to affect one way or another. Learning this has helped me to let go of trying to influence how others perceive me. Because it doesn't matter. Others judgement and perspective of me has very little to do with me. Hallelujah that's freedom to be myself.

Another thing that was affirming to me of how sensitive I am is that I have an open solar plexus so I feel everything that others are feeling and that I need to spend time alone to be able to feel what I truly feel. That being around people all the time drains me and that I need to take time making decisions because I'm deeply influenced by the energies of others around me.

Now there's plenty more to say about these systems because I've just mentioned a fraction of each system but I think its better for each person to do their own individual profile and to read what the founder of each system has to say. Go to the source so to say.

Please let me know after you've done your profile how you feel it resonates. Very curious to know.

Much love and thank you for reading.


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