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Trust Allows For Miracles To Take Place

What blocks us from miracles or abundance or really what blocks us from having all that we want is our belief that we somehow have to make it happen ourselves. Of course there will always be the need for us to show up or to take inspired action but it should be fun and real fun can be challenging because it makes us step out of our comfort zone. It makes us Grow and Evolve into something greater than we were. The whole point of life is the journey, the continuous expansion of who we are. We tend to lose the joy and happiness when we become stagnant because somehow we have let ourselves to be trapped into fear.

When we trust, really trust both ourselves and the universe. We trust our inner guidance, our inner knowing, we trust our intuition, our gut feeling AND we trust that the universe Loves us, that we are always supported, always taken care of and never ever alone on our path. Then we can let go of needing to know all the details, letting go of the need to know how things are supposed to play out.

We as humans in our limited 3D perspective can only see so far and are only meant to see so far.. our higher Self on the other hand can see infinite possibilities and see into infinity in all directions, past present, future. Your higher Self can also change timelines, and change the way of our path Always. So through the belief that everything will work our perfectly, sending out the vibration of Trust into the universe will ALLOW whatever serves us the best to come upon our path. But we have to let go of the idea of how this will come about. As I'm sure you've herd the saying sometime things need to fall apart, to fall into place..

All we need to do is to trust and to follow the inspired action that we feel guided or shall I say inspired (In Spiritus) to do. Trust and leave the rest to Source. Step out of your own way and let the Love flow. Because that's what you are, pure and infinite Love so let go of any doubt that you would ever be anything else than that. 


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