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Transformational Times

The energies are just going to get stronger and stronger. The planet is being flooded with new light frequencies that are stirring everything else that doesn't resonates with these new light codes. The more you try to avoid feeling the more discomfort you will also experience. The more you resist, the more it will persist.

Avoid any pattern of wanting to numb anything out. That we're experiencing so much FEELING right now is also giving us a great opening for profound HEALING.

So feel it. The way to it, is through it. Feel it, feel it all. Sit with it, breathe with it and you will find such profound openings and such profound clearings of these very old energies.

Take responsibility for everything that you feel but don't become responsible for how others feel. You are responsible for your own space and your own mark on this existence. But we are not here to carry each other. Instead empower each other. Trust that we all have our own healer inside of us.

The pain can be your greatest guide, so let it guide you. Feel it but don't listen to any stories that it wants to tell you. Its not about the others. Its always about you. Avoid victimhood and the blame game, the lotus flower grows out of the mud. Use the pain as a guide to point you in the right direction for the healing that you've asked for.

The core teaching of my Light Body Activation Course is that 'where we place our attention is where we shine our light'. So bring your attention into the discomfort, into the pain. Bring your light into the pain. Allow it to transform and heal you. You are the Divine, you are the Eternal Spirit. You are Love. Nothing can harm you. The more you can allow yourself to go into to those uncomfortable feelings, the more you will heal, the more you will expand and the better you will eventually feel but again the key is not to listen to the stories. Just observe and be with the pain and the discomfort. Sit it through. That's being a true warrior of light.

So Much Love!


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