To Become A Healer, To Become What You Already Are

I received a comment from someone on YouTube the other day, saying that he/she didn't believe I wanted to be a healer. The question sent me into a head spin, why would he/she say so?

The more I thought about it the more I started to agree with him/her, I don't want to be a healer, I AM a healer, we are all healers. Its our birthright, its just what we are, what I am.

What I want to be is a teacher, to help people become their own healer, to help activate people so that they can step into their own power, into their own light, their own alignment with Source, with All that Is. 

To help people become and extension of Source, to become their own conscious Creator. That's what I really want and that's why I've been creating my Light Body Activation course so that I can help more people. I can only help people so much and so far through my healing sessions but I realized if I gave them the tools so that they can help themselves then I can help more. Then I can bring more light into this world.

I don't want people to be dependent on me for their wellbeing, I want people to be able to help themselves. Through my course I will give you the tools to help you awaken yourself, to activate the centres within you that aligns you with the eternal light within You. To awaken the healer within you, to help you to step into the light, to become the Light. 

Because that is what you Are! Infinite pure eternal light, you are always your own healer, you have just forgotten, all you need to do is remember and allow Source and your physical beingness to help you remember. All the wisdom is already within you.

So Much Love, Kristina

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