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The Spiritual Diet For Optimum Health

You become what you eat, consuming flesh is not health promoting unless you're greatly depleted which the majority of the western population isn't, we're rather over-nourished with animal products from meat and dairy consumption which doesn't do anything good for your health or physical, spiritual and emotional well being. 

Most of the western population today is greatly lacking in all the essential trace minerals ESSENTIAL for our health and wellbeing which we can only find through fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately not even that since most common farming practices today uses methods that depletes the soil of all the trace minerals and do not replenish it in any way or it only replenishes the soil with 3 major minerals only used for the growth of the plant. But like I said the body needs ALL of them. So todays fruits and vegetables contain hardly any vitamins and minerals. Its not just that un-organic food (and unfortunately organic food as well..) contains the toxins from the pesticide but that they LACK nutrients, which also leads to the lack of taste..

We as human beings NEED all the minerals for our body to function at its optimum function and wellbeing. This is were the consumption of Super Foods become essential, the Super Foods are called so because they contain high amounts of nutrients which we in todays modern world we need more than ever before. 

Increasing your consumption in ORGANIC fruits and vegetables AND adding all sorts of super foods to your  daily diet while greatly decreasing if not eliminating your consumption of animal products will greatly increase your wellbeing in all aspects, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional no matter who you are.. :)

Ps. If you're interested in opening your third eye, looking over your diet is one of the absolute  essential steps since the pineal gland is one of the first to be affected by toxicity in your body. Detox your diet and greatly increase your consumption of highly nutritious foods and you will be more likely to see the light.. Ds.

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