The Spirit of the Peyote in the Holy Land of Wirikuta

First time I went to desert to eat Peyote, I went with my love. We travelled out there in middle of March 2012, the weather was cloudy but hot. As we arrived early evening we set our tent up had a small walk around the area looking for Peyote but we could not find any. The land was inhabitable with cactuses that would stick everywhere on my clothes and puncture my skin, I felt like an alien in a different world, here the Arctic girl was definitely out of her element. Paul on the other hand navigated easily through the bush and had to wait for me to catch up. As we came back I was too tired to eat so I went inside the tent to have a nap, I entered a deep sleep and didn't wake up until the next morning. During the night I perceive myself to have been introduced to the spirit of Peyote, I woke up to a new day and somehow the landscape had shifted and as I watched the sun rise behind El Quemado we ate a small breakfast with fruit and went looking for Peyote.