The Source Of Unlimited Abundance

Updated: Feb 25

When we give while being connected to Source, we are immediately replenished. Its a universal law, as we give we create a void inside which basically creates a vacuum that pulls energy within us again. So as we give more, whether its money, energy, attention, Love. Energy in all its forms, its being immediately replenished to us and through this exchange we become even more expanded into the  light. 

The Universe is based on the law of One, thus as you give to another you are literally feeding yourself. Its a cosmic circle.

But if you are cut of from Source and give from only your own energy. You become depleted and at loss. Same as if you are dependent on another persons energy to thrive. You soon become in lack and the other person will start to avoid you as they feel depleted from your presence and your dependence on their energy.

As we become our own energy source not depending on another person but solely focusing on connecting to Source we become free sovereign self-contained beings. We attune to the natural abundance of life. We become used to synchronicities and a tremendous flow of coincidences and magic happen to us. We become used to energy flowing through our being, radiating outward.

So how do we become connected to Source energy? We simply ask to be connected. W