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The Source Of Unlimited Abundance

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

When we give while being connected to Source, we are immediately replenished. Its a universal law, as we give we create a void inside which basically creates a vacuum that pulls energy within us again. So as we give more, whether its money, energy, attention, Love. Energy in all its forms, its being immediately replenished to us and through this exchange we become even more expanded into the  light. 

The Universe is based on the law of One, thus as you give to another you are literally feeding yourself. Its a cosmic circle.

But if you are cut of from Source and give from only your own energy. You become depleted and at loss. Same as if you are dependent on another persons energy to thrive. You soon become in lack and the other person will start to avoid you as they feel depleted from your presence and your dependence on their energy.

As we become our own energy source not depending on another person but solely focusing on connecting to Source we become free sovereign self-contained beings. We attune to the natural abundance of life. We become used to synchronicities and a tremendous flow of coincidences and magic happen to us. We become used to energy flowing through our being, radiating outward.

So how do we become connected to Source energy? We simply ask to be connected. We don't have to earn the Grace of God. Its always given to us. We are the only one that can disconnect ourselves and cut ourselves off from the flow of Love.

Love is always available to us. Its the energy the Universe is created from. Its the foundation of Creation itself. So ask to open up to Love. Then start to appreciate your surroundings. Learn to appreciate the people around you. Try to see their Higher Self, just the intention of doing so will open up new gateways of energy to flow through your being.

When I look into someones eyes I try to see beyond them and to God looking back at me. Try it, its magical and it creates this wonderful energy between you and the other.

All of Creation is One, is God. So as you walk around you are facing your own reality. Your own projection of Truth. Thus as you start to intend to see Love and Beauty around you those things will multiply. Gratitude brings more things to be grateful about. Its that simple. 

If negative thoughts come up then simple erase them. You can visualise using a mental eraser and erase your negative thoughts away. Then again ask to be filled with Source energy. Gently steer your attention towards something positive even if its the table cloth on the table. Focus especially to connect with the natural world or nature. It provides a steady flow of energy consistently and can replenish us immensely when we feel depleted.

Its important to know that even though want to focus on the light, we don't want to suppress negative feelings. They have to be felt to be moved through. We cannot suppress anything and expect it to go away. Nor can we repeat positive mantras if we really need to release sadness through a good old cry. So honour your feelings. But don't be reactive to them and don't attach to a story to them. Just feel them and move through them. 

The universal laws are pretty simple what we give we receive, and thus if we push something away from us, it will push back. So what we resist and push away will come back to us. But if we surrender and let it be, we create a flow. We let it flow through us. Kind of like being like water. You just let it flow through. If you feel sadness, you cry and then you feel better. Same with abundance and energy. You have to create an environment within where you have a flow.

If you feel stagnant then create movement. If you are at loss to where to move or how to move then ask for direction. Then  follow the subtle hints that are being given to you. The Universe is always communicating with you. Through people, through animals, through everything all around you. Remember its all God, its all Source. So start looking for messages, for signs. Listen. Create stillness around you and sit down and listen. Meditation is Magic. 

The more subtle and adaptable we become as we tune into the Universal flow of energy, the less we block energy and the more we start to move in harmony with All That Is.

As I said in the beginning of the post. As we give while being connected to Source we are immediately replenished so if you feel disconnected or depleted then focus on first connecting to Source. You will know when you are being connected to Source through elated feelings and feelings of Love. So first connect to Source and then listen. 

So Much Love, Kristina

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