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The Shift

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

"In 2012 Gaia moved into a higher dimension, this shift is still being integrated. Because we have free will, the ascension process is a conscious choice that each being has to take. Through this shift Earth split into two, actually many more but let's simplify this right now with just two Earths co-existing as one. There's the Earth realm that's still in 3D, and then its the "new" 5D Gaia. 5D Gaia holds the frequency of Love and Unity, this strong love that has been activated on Earth is bringing up a lot of healing for all of Earth's inhabitants. The increasing light that's being brought forward is coming both from the Cosmic higher dimensions as well as within Gaia itself. As above, as below.

This activation has brought forward a great purgatory. That's where most of us are today, we are shedding the layers that are preventing us from being beings of pure Love. We are going through a The Great Awakening. Connecting to Gaia as we go through this ascension process is essential. Because we are not ascending to leave, we are ascending to co-exist with this planet in harmony and love. We are raising our frequency to co-create heaven on Earth.

So if you can connect your roots to this vortex, then as you connect to this bright blue vortex of pure Love, see how your roots also turn into light and that this light spreads from the tips of your roots all the way up to your feet and legs and then flowing up through your entire being, filling you throughout with this healing blue energy, allowing this energy to open up all energetic pathways through your being. Flowing all the way to your Soul Star Chakra, above your head.

Allow this connection to Gaia to be permanent by bringing the light of the blue Divine Earthly energies and the white energy of the Soul Star Chakra together down your being and all the way back to the core of the earth again and to the Gaia Star. Let these energies connect and merge as one throughout your being. Knowing that you can never truly ever be separated from the Divine Love.

Then as you made this connection, if you can strengthen this connection, this channel of light down below your feet all the way down to the core of Gaia. If you can strengthen the width and the strength of this light channel, as if there was a giant channel of light going all the way to the core, as if a great tree trunk made of light. Know that this is your personal connection to Gaia so there is never a need to limit your connection because you are not taking anything from anyone else.

Actually by connecting this deeply to Gaia you are also showing others how they too can create their own personal connection to Gaia. So allow yourself to truly expand and spread your light in all directions from your light channel, throughout Earth in all directions. Remember that for a tree to grow really strong it needs to have very strong roots, the same applies to your light body. It's not really about grounding you to the physical, it's about grounding you in light, it's about becoming a truly integrated light being. "

Excerpt from my book 'Healing Divinity - Awakening The Light Within' that I'm currently editing.

LOVE, Kristina

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