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The Sacral Chakra - Where We Belong

On the solstice on December 21st 2021 I had a profound healing and some insights that I want to share.

I had a deep purging and healing of my womb, where I released some really intense energies and Ayahuasca told me that it was what has blocked me from feeling like I belong. Funny thing I realised later was that I somehow accepted that I'm just not like most in this world and that was that I thought but of course it was some distorted energies that made me feel that way.

All in all, I can't say that I feel like I belong with everyone and everything all the suddenly, but rather I feel very secure in my self and I feel very safe inside of myself, I think that's the best way to describe the change in these early days. The greatest difference that I notice the most is that I have a constant flow of energy going downwards from my heart into the ground that I never had before. Not like this.

See this block that was in my womb was like a plug and when the plug was pulled the flow through the uterus opened up and the central channel was all the suddenly completely open which it hadn't been before.

It always fascinates me, both through working with others and through my own shifts, just how much we can expand. That it's always more. I never been so deeply grounded or had my lower chakras so open and expanded before and of course it feels like the most natural thing too.

So our sense of belonging sits in our uterus in both men and women. Men has an energetic uterus in their lower abdomen just as women. This is our sacral chakra, from where we create into the physical world. This area is deeply connected to water and to creativity. It's also deeply connected to our throat chakra, our voice and how we express ourselves into the world as well as our connection to our spiritual guides. Often when we open one or the other of the sacral or the throat we will notice changes in the other on both a physical and energetic level. So if we open our womb space for example we may find that our voice also opens and we can sing deeper and/or with more clarity.

Ayahuasca told me that we receive our sense of belonging from our mother through her womb, as she received her sense of belonging from her mothers womb and so on. Thus our sense of belonging is deeply ancestral and is deeply ingrained within the society and the culture we grew up within. Yet our natural sense of belonging to everything has nothing to do with culture or family or ancestry. It's the connection to the everything. It's the connection to God.

On a collective level maybe this is where we can come together as one family, one tribe again. Through our sense of belonging no matter where we are or with whom, then home is everywhere.

Much Love,



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