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The Right Way To Feel

You may have heard the expression 'You have to feel it to heal it', if you follow me then you know I use it all the time because it is one of those epic cornerstone teachings of healing.

But what does it actually mean? How do you heal through feeling?

The meaning of that you have to feel it to heal it, is that if we ignore anything, we are pushing it away. If you push it away you are making it stronger as you're showing the universe (you, yourself and You) that this is something you need to work on because ta da you're resisting it. Thus there must be some juiciness in there to work on. 

Which means that the issue that we resist will most likely come up in our external reality. Again and again of we continuously resist the lesson, if we resist it enough it will come back with force and eventually it will be the ONE issue that makes our life a living hell.

As time goes on the initial issue may be hurdled up into a mess of different resistances that we just don't want to face within ourselves or anyone else for that matter. That will manifest as a continuous judgement of others doing what we ourselves are doing but resisting and ignoring within ourselves. 

So as we judge others and ourselves while continuously trying to ignore our feelings, how does it feel to judge ourselves and others so harshly for example? What sort of energies does that create within yourself to begin with?

See nothing can be done without presence. Nothing can be changed, nothing can be awakened within without presence. The reason for this is very related to duality and the game of light (a misspell that turned out beautiful, let's not say game of life anymore, let's say game of light because that's more true).

See if we believe in the illusion, the illusion becomes stronger. While if we face the illusion, the discomfort, the pain, "the suffering", we are facing the shadow (literally) with light. Because you are light, you are pure consciousness, you may have forgotten that you are light but you are. So when you feel to heal, you are literally placing your light within an illusion of discomfort. The reason I say illusion of discomfort is because as you become proficient in feeling, you will notice that everything you place your attention on will go away. Everything but Love and Light is an illusion. Nothing is and can ever be more powerful than our own presence. Our own light, facing whatever darkness within will always transcend. Sometimes it just takes time.

A exercise that I love to advice my clients to use is to imagine themselves as blind people stepping into a new space (their feeling self) where they've never been before. They should familiarize themselves with the surroundings inside, where does it feel good? Where does it feel less so? Going into the areas that feel less good without judgment but with a healthy amount of curiosity. Just explore how it feels like to be inside this pain or discomfort whether it be physical or emotional. Just feel it as if you were blind discovering a new object. How does it feel like? What shape does it have? Is it warm? Is it cold? Is it sharp? Is it dry? Is it wet? How does it feel if you go deep inside of it? Can you? 

You will notice that when you go inside with the attitude of an explorer you will find that everything that you're exploring is melting away and continuously changing as you place your entire attention upon it. Again this is happening because light literally melts shadows. Or transcend if you want a prettier word. Remember you are light.

Becoming comfortable in our own discomfort, helps the discomfort go away. The more discomfort we can feel, the more light we can hold. Eventually we become beacon of lights and we start to step into our true state of being, beyond the illusion of mortality, into the light that we are.

Much Love, Kristina

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