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The Path Towards Enligthenment

The idea that embodiment is the path away from enlightenment is false in the sense that, that belief stems from the idea of separation. Are you with me? The idea that the body is not divine is an idea of separation. Its all one. Its all Divine. You Me, the rock, the grass, your toe. Its all DIVINE. Its all GOD.

This idea that somehow as we reach enlightenment that we leave… where to? Its only now and here, so how can we leave? We can move or rather pull other dimensions towards us or we can experience different dimensions simultaneously. So this idea that one chakra is higher than the other or that one chakra leads to enlightenment and not the others is false.

All chakras contain the seed of enlightenment. Within all of creations is the light of the eternal.

Through enlightenment we realise our eternal Self, we realise that we are One, that there is no other. That in all and every experience that we keep experiencing ourselves in one way or another. 

So enjoy being a human, enjoy the ordinariness of experiencing each moment. Its when we do that, that miracles appear right in front of our eyes. Its through mindfullness, presence, to be fully here and now that life becomes rich.

Its by savouring each moment that all of our senses heightens, all the suddenly everything tastes more, your smell becomes more acute, you see things that you would otherwise never notice. Magic is right here and now but we have to become present to see it, to feel it, to be it.

We have to drop down into our body to become enlightened. The constant search for something else only helps us to lose ourselves again and again. That enlightenment will take us away will never be true. It will only take you deeper into the moment. Into the now. Nothing else matters, nothing else is real. But now. Here and now.

So Much Love,


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